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In Indian elections 2014 like always, symbols are playing a key role. Symbols have been etched in the Indian Psychic for centuries and findings show that they figured in Indian society prominently from ancient Indian election campaigns and temple walls to muddy hut verandas and account books. Prominent among them is the Hindu symbol of Swastika that stands for enlightenment, joy and prosperity. Myth symbolizes Swastika as Goddess Kali’s triumph over evil. The sight of the Saffron flag with the Swastika fluttering over ancient forts is well documented in history, proving that politics and opportunism go hand in hand.

In the Indian elections 2014, the politicians are trying to fly that flag of race, class and superiority much higher. As a prelude, right-wing prime ministerial nominee is huddling up with the RSS group(Indian equivalent of the Ku Klux Klan), an organization with ideologies that created ghouls like Nathuram Godse who assassinated the Mahatma. NaMo as he is affectionately called by his supporters gave his over hyped vision for India presentation last year. Like the Indian Historian Ram Guha accurately noted, all one could hear in the speech was a distinct I, projecting his state Gujarat’s growth numbers. Even other political gurus opined that those stats are as bolted as his Ego.

Contrary to the view taken by many western commentators, the road Indian political chauvinism is not a one way. Islamist politicians like the Owaisis of Hyderabad are plentiful in Indian politics and they reverberate louder during the election trials. a few years ago, one of the Owaisi brothers was caught on video inciting hate speech and sedition, living up to his reputation of being a fifth columnist for the jihad fundamentalist whom, the Indian military and the NATO force are fighting to get rid off in the Himalayan ranges. As far as Indian elections 2014 are concerned, this right-wing prime ministerial candidate much like the German Fuehrer who was the greatest exploiter of the Swastika, is driven by hate and supremacy, not love and service. Folks that are still flirting with the NaMo for prime minister mantra need to think again, that venture is much like to pond a blithering totalitarian shark who ought to be kept at bay.

Marionettes originated in India as a primary dramatic art about a thousand years ago. Even in those days, drama was a major entertainment medium and also a platform for social and political awareness. From the depiction of the Indian mythological epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata, puppetry stuck with Indian politics through modern times. Monarchy was a popular theme in the ancient Marionette shows and it hasn’t changed much in modern politics, largely in the case of the largest political party, the Indian National Congress.

Major Congress figure and the first Indian Prime Minister Pundit Nehru self critically noted in his book Discovery of India that the Indian people have blindly bestowed faith in the Nehru family and that it is unhealthy for the country’s future to have this unconditional trust on one family and probably envisaged that it would turn into dynasty politics. As predicted, the independent Indian political drama has been a grand marionette show with the daughter sentiment that resulted in demolition of democracy, a black hole in Indian history from 1975 to 1977. Followed by that of the Grandson and his youthful image but unfortunately, both ended in tragedy. A brief interval in this drama gave way to the great Bahu(Daughter in law) sentiment and this Indian elections 2014 brought to stage the fourth generation of the Gandhi family but this shy, confused and stodgy upper class twit character is turning out to be a disaster  and lack of woman protection, corruption and growth lull of the Congress incumbent government plus with sister sentiment nowhere to be found it is time for the Gandhi family faithful to do a Shakespearean Henry IV. For, the Falstaff has fallen off stage.

Writer Choo Ramaswamy famously said, “If left has any future left in India, India has no future left.” It seems unfortunately true even in the Indian elections of 2014, the Indians left are still stuck in the socialist approach and have not evolved their left identity according to the norms of the day. Like in Orwell’s 1984 it is tried all over the place and it doesn’t exist anymore, comrades, whether it is considered November, 1989 or April, 1991. In Indian politics the third front is the proper left as well as a sum of hundreds of regional parties, often divided by caste and class.

The election commission should certainly take a leaf out of PG Wodehouse’s Drones club rules book where, Bertie Wooster urge to stand in the club president elections was denied because the rule states any candidate with a crime record is ineligible to stand in the election. For the poor chap Bertie, the policeman’s helmet pinching act did him in! If this rule applied in Indian politics, a sheet or two of the vote ballot would be saved. Though as Jeeves once puts it, “the contingency of that happening is a remote one.” In 2014, the persona of the Mob the role of the third front is bigger than ever as political pundits are skeptical about any major party getting the magic figure of 272 seats. This Indian election cycle is more about the anti incumbency than an ideal government or candidate. It is for the best interest of India that people utilize their voting right in this Indian elections 2014  for the country deserves to be governed by a collective of lucid minded stars, not a doomed star or a despotic snob.

Opinion By Vikas Vemuri


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