James Bond 24 Casts Chitwetel Ejiofor, Swedish Actresses? [Videos]

James Bond

Fresh off his career defining role in 12 Years a Slave, Chitwetel Ejiofor may be the next antagonist in the as of yet untitled James Bond 24. Two swedish actresses have also been confirmed to have screened for the role of the next Bond girl.

The last actor to portray a Bond villain was Javier Bardem as the creepy and menacing Silva in 2012’s Skyfall. If there is one thespian with the acting chops strong enough to take the torch from the former Academy Award winner, while putting his own spin on being evil, that would be the former Academy Award nominated Chitwetel Ejiofor.

Since his renowned portrayal of Solomon Northup, a free man sold into slavery, Ejiofor has been rumored for a couple of films in 2015 including Star Wars Episode VII. The 36-year-old actor would obviously not be able to star in both 2015 blockbusters – two roles that are well suited for him.

When asked by Yahoo Movies in January 2014 about the truth of the Star Wars rumor, Ejiofor not surprisingly remained tight-lipped stating that he is indeed a big fan of Star Wars and director J.J. Abrams, but the only response to the rumor he could give is “I don’t know.”

Ejiofor may be perfect as a James Bond villain, but he would be even more well suited for Star Wars. Many moviegoers, especially those more attuned to the awards season, identify Ejiofor as an actor who could effectively portray a sympathetic character ala Solomon Northup. However, sci-fi geeks know him most as the unnamed, antagonistic sword wielding operative in Joss Whedon’s 2005 sci-fi opera, Serenity, based off TV show Firefly, which was cancelled in its first season by the trigger happy Fox network. Replace the sword with a lightsabre and you have a cool and menacing Sith in the larger sci-fi universe of Star Wars. Watch the video below for a taste of the more antagonistic side of Chitwetel Ejiofor.

In contrast to the currently hot Chitwetel Ejiofor, some relatively unknown Swedish actresses are confirmed to have been screened for James Bond 24. Disa Östrand and Ida Engvoll are now two possible Bond girls. Although the news has broken out recently in North America, the rumor of them possibly joining the cast has been rumored since February, broken out in Swedish publication, Aftonbladet.

Engvoll is an intriguing choice as there has not been a blonde Bond girl in 27 years since Kara Milovy in 1987’s License to Kill. The Swedish actress has that classic, exotic Bond look most resembling arguably the best Bond girl, Ursa Anders, from Dr. No.

That is not to take away from Disa Östrand who resembles more of the modern, brunette look that has been cast in recent Bond films. A hint of decent, if not strong, acting chops can be seen in the below short film called Deception in which Östrand plays a girl involved in some kind of gangster plot centering around a man with amnesia. The sinister smile she gives at the seven minute, forty-five second mark could be that smile that lands her a role as a more antagonistic Bond girl in the next installment.

If the rumors are any indication, the casting crew of James Bond 24 are looking in the right direction. A Bond girl does not need a well-known actress in the role, such as the once rumored Penelope Cruz, but rather someone with at least decent enough acting skills and most importantly, drop-dead and killer looks, that of which Swedish gals Östrand and Engvoll seem to provide. The role of the villian in James Bond, on the other hand, requires an actor with gravitas and Chitwetel Ejiofor has proven to be that man, though if the rumor is true say goodbye to seeing him as a Sith in Star Wars Episode VII.


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