Ellen DeGeneres, the Demise? [Video]

Ellen DeGeneresWhat goes up, must come down at some point, right? Ellen DeGeneres, the demise appears to be occurring before everyone’s eyes. Her rise to fame with the talk show Ellen was gradual and she remained on top for years. She still garners a huge following, myself included. However, all good things come to an end. She has recently been ripped apart in the media following rumors that she and wife Portia De Rossi are divorcing. The rumors are rampant.

Ellen is Secretly Mean

The publication Celebrity Dirty Laundry recently published a piece on Ellen DeGeneres. Apparently the Enquirer wrote about the idea that Ellen and Portia are breaking up because Ellen is sweet on camera but secretly mean. Granted the other articles on their website are suspect as well. Everyone likes a dirty dish and this one certainly needs a washing.

Ellen Puts Lindsay Lohan On the Spot

Online Athens claims that the interview with Lohan to be aired on March 31st is not funny. When Ellen asks Lindsay if she’s on Tinder, it’s not for laughs but to see if Lohan thinks she is emotionally stable enough for relationships. When DeGeneres congratulates Lindsay on going to exercise classes, it is not to be funny but instead to highlight Lohan’s self-motivation and possibly allude to her lack of it in the past. According to the article, this is a good interview but the fact that there is little humor is concerning.

Inuit Protest Over Selfie

Ellen’s famous selfie at the Oscars landed her in trouble with the Inuit people who disagree over the fact that she donated some of the proceeds to an organization that wants to end the seal hunt. DeGeneres donated $1.5-million of the money raised by the photo to the Humane Society of the United States, one of the loudest voices against the seal hunt. In response, Inuit from Nunavut are using twitter and other social media sites to post “sealfies.”

Ellen has made it clear that she loves animals and is even a vegan. It is not surprising that she is against the seal hunt and it is her decision what she should do with her money. This protest seems a bit rash.

Ellen Drunk and Abusive

Ellen DeGeneres the demise? According to Classicalite, another questionable publication, reports say that Ellen and Portia De Rossi’s marriage is over due to alcohol and verbal abuse. Apparently sources close to the pair say that Ellen likes to come home and have a stiff drink and a vicious argument. Apparently Portia cannot handle the abuse any longer and wants to go after Ellen’s 200 million dollar talk show fortune because she feels she deserves it after all she’s been through. These reports are questionable and certainly Ellen has emphatically denied the problems in their marriage. So what really is happening with their marriage?

Ellen and Portia’s Divorce

According to a more reputable source, The Huffington Post, Ellen is just as confused about the divorce as everyone else. When she was on Jimmy Kimmel she said she read the reports that her and Portia were getting divorced, went to Portia and told her. Apparently Portia was sad. “We both were so sad. I couldn’t believe that we were getting divorced, so I guess we are.”

It is strange though that so many news agencies are reporting problems with the star’s marriage. Perhaps the couple are experiencing issues? They must fight about more than who loves the other more, as Ellen claims.

Ellen DeGeneres, the demise? Living in a fish bowl is not fun and for Ellen, a few piranhas have been dropped into the bowl recently. Will she survive or will she go down with the best of them? Time will tell. Her good works, positive attitude and million dollar smile have won over so many people who it seems unlikely this is truly the end of her popularity. Hopefully the world will not see the demise of such a wonderful human.

Opinion by Nicole Drawc

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  1. MakeLoveNotWar   March 30, 2014 at 3:54 pm

    There will always be haters, and they’ll make up as many lies as they have to to bring her down so don’t jump the bandwagon and believe them. The rumors that have been floating around are completely false, and I hope that people will see that.

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