Jennifer Hudson Decides to Step Down as Weight Watchers Ambassador

Jennifer HudsonIt was a difficult decision, but Jennifer Hudson has decided it is time to step down as the ambassador for Weight Watchers. She and Jessica Simpson have previously done commercials together after successfully losing weight through the healthy eating program.

The decision has reportedly been mutual. The singer and actress’ contract is coming to an end, and they have both decided not to renew it. Currently a Lifetime Member, Hudson will likely remain on the play to avoid gaining the weight that she has lost.

The mother of one started the plan shortly after giving birth to her son, in 2009, and became one of the celebrity representatives in 2010. In the last four years, she as lost and kept off 80lbs. The weight loss took her from a curvy size 16 to a slender size six, and she says that she feels much for it. She has taken to red carpets and glamorous events with confidence to show off her accomplishments.

Weight Watchers has stated that it will miss the singer turned actress, and that she has inspired so many people to lose weight. Many people have joined the plan because they have seen celebrities like the 32-year-old successfully lose weight and heard just how healthy it is.

The decision to step down as a Weight Watchers ambassador came when Hudson received other offers for the coming year. She says that she has so many projects, and it was time to take them. The projects would clash with advertisements and event speaking that being the spokesperson for the company would involve.

When people go to the healthy weight loss plan’s website homepage now, they will see Simpson on her own. Simpson has previous expressed just how grateful she was for Weight Watchers and that it was the only reason she was able to lose the weight.

Hudson and Simpson are both now Lifetime Members due to reaching their weight loss goal. Anybody can reach this status. When a person starts on the program, they determine the goal weight that they would like to reach. This can change along the way, but must be within their healthy Body Mass Index (BMI) range or determined by a doctor. They must also go through six weeks of maintenance, which means they must remain within 2lbs of their goal weight.

All Lifetime Members get access to free meetings for the rest of their life, as long as they meet certain requirements. They must remain within 2lbs of their maintenance weight. Those who go above or below the 2lbs will need to pay for the meetings until they get back within the range. These members are encouraged to attend each week to get back within that range. However, the meeting attendance requirement is just two per year, and this can be at any meeting around the world for free.

This can seem restrictive for some, but the plan is designed to be livable. Hudson should have no problems remaining a Lifetime Member as long as she sticks to the plan now that she has decided to step down as an ambassador for Weight Watchers.

By Alexandria Ingham


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