Jessica Simpson Shows Off Post Baby Body

Jessica SimpsonIt may have taken longer than the likes of Kim Kardashian, but Jessica Simpson can finally show off her post-baby body. The singer turned reality show did it in style too by rocking the Daisy Duke shorts that she has not been seen in for the last 10 years.

The 33-year-old kept it extremely casual while in Calabasas, California over the weekend. Enjoying the warm weather, she showed off her toned calves in the denim hot pants, white tank top and a cute pair of tanned wedges.

The toned calves definitely show that there has been more than just changing her eating habits to get her back down to her slim figure. Simpson hired Harley Pasternak to help encourage her to work out regularly and tone the flabby muscles and skin. She is understandably proud of her hard work, and shows that healthy is better when it comes to getting rid of the baby weight.

Recently, the reality show star and Weight Watchers ambassador recently took to Twitter to share her excitement about her workouts. She posted a photo of herself in a wrinkled orange dress, which showed off her legs once more. The caption encourages everyone to get the body of the dreams, and all they need is Weight Watchers and to get their “steps in.”

Mother of two, Simpson, highly recommends Weight Watchers for those who want to lose weight, and has stated it is the reason she can show off her great post-baby body. She lost 50 pounds on the diet after giving birth of Maxwell 22 months ago, and went back on the diet as soon as she could after having eight-month-old Ace.

She has previously explained that the diet was a way to be a good role model for her daughter. She wanted to show that there was no rush to get her post-baby body back, but that it should be healthy, controlled and sustainable. This has helped inspire other new moms who often feel pressured to slim down because so many celebrities seem to do it.

Simpson is not the only celebrity to go on the long-term, healthy eating plan. Jennifer Hudson also joined Weight Watchers and lost 80 pounds on the diet. Hudson recently stepped down as an ambassador for the diet plan, but the I Wanna Love You Forever singer will remain as the official spokesperson and can currently be spotted on the Weight Watchers website homepage.

The reality TV celebrity acknowledges that it is Weight Watchers’ realistic eating plan that has helped her reach her goal and become a Lifetime Member. She can enjoy foods that she loves, and has learned more about eating in moderation and control her portions. There is no need to cut down on calories, so she can focus on being healthy. She can also eat highly nutritious foods, which gives her the energy needed for her regular workouts to get her figure back. It was only because of this that Simpson has been able to show off her post-baby body.

By Alexandria Ingham


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