Judge Rules Against Rachel Canning


A judge has ruled against Rachel Canning, the New Jersey teen who sued her parents to pay for her schooling. She will not receive any money from them. Canning, 18, had taken her parents to court after she left their home to move in with a friend. Her parents say she left the house willingly after refusing to follow their rules, which included honoring a curfew, doing chores and being respectful.  It was revealed in court that Canning also had been having problems at school due to her rebellious nature, including being stripped of her title as head cheerleader, being suspended from school twice for bad behavior, and being removed from the school ministry.

Canning is now staying with a friend’s family, and that family has been paying all the bills for the entire court case. Those bills now total over $13,000 and Canning demanded that her parents pay those fees as well. The other demands Canning made in her lawsuit centered around her parents paying for her private school tuition, a weekly allowance, and her college education as well as transportation costs. The high school Canning attends also wrote a letter on her behalf, demanding that her parents continue to pay her tuition.

Canning claims that her parents suddenly abandoned her “emotionally and financially” without warning, and that they kicked her out of their home. She also alleges that they “abused” her. A social worker was called to the home last fall, but found that Canning was “spoiled” and declined to press any charges against her parents. Now, a judge has ruled against Rachel Canning, pointing out that her behavior at school supports her parents’ version of events. Canning’s parents have stated repeatedly that she is welcome to move back into their home, and that they want her to do so, but they also want her to obey their basic rules while she is living there.

A key consideration in the case was whether or not she should be considered “emancipated” from her parents’ home. In the end, the judge decided that parents should not be hesitant to set rules in their home, and that ruling in Canning’s favor may set such a precedent. Canning says that her parents should pay all of her bills and private school tuition because “they have the ability to do so,” and because she is unable to afford schooling and basic necessities on her own.

Meanwhile, social media has been exploding with negative commentary directed at Canning. Tweeter Jonah Isreal summed it up by Tweeting at Canning and saying she “is the face of an entitled, spoiled, and non-grateful generation. How will you feel the day your parents die? Looking back?” The overall feeling on social media seems to be that this woman is a legal adult, and therefore technically responsible for paying her own way. She’s being held up as a poster child of entitlement.

Now, a judge has ruled against Rachel Canning, and she will not be receiving any payments from her parents. Her parents say they continue to hold out hope that their daughter will move back home and abide by their simple rules of basic conduct.

By: Rebecca Savastio


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