Snake Takes on Crocodile and Wins [Video]

Snake Takes on Crocodile and WIns

It is a rare occasion in nature to witness such an event as a snake taking on a crocodile. That is exactly what happened one day on a bright, sunny afternoon in Queensland, Australia. The weather was perfect for a stroll near the beautiful Lake Moondarra, which is located next to the Leichhardt River.

As a group of walkers noticed the commotion in the river, they were able to watch firsthand as two of nature’s most ferocious beasts battled to the death. Many of the spectators were armed with cameras and looked on with awe at the bizarre happening. Careful not to get too close, rare photos have emerged of the strange feat of nature.

It was even more unusual that the attack took place during the daylight hours, since pythons are normally nocturnal. Usually feeding on birds, rats and other mammals, going for a huge crocodile is rare and was amazingly documented. The spectators heard, then saw the thrashing in the water as they gasped at the bizarre struggle.

The fight between the water python and the crocodile succeeded many rounds that went on for close to five hours. Wrapping its body around the crocodile’s torso, the snake had a firm grasp. The crocodile did not give up as the pair wrestled in the water for hours. It is possible that there was some retreating and taunting as the duel continued. With the crocodile’s sharp teeth, it most likely had a firm grip on its predator, but the overpowering constrictions of the snake eventually led to victory for the python.

After hours of torture, the coiling of the python around the crocodile’s body slowly began the rite of suffocation. It is said that pythons can sense their victim’s heartbeat and are able to let up their vice when the heartbeat no longer is detected. This helps the snake to conserve energy. The crocodile could have also suffered heart failure or total exhaustion as the snake refused to cede its power. The strength and stamina of both creatures was long enduring as the lengthy battle ensued.

After the long tug of war, lasting all afternoon, the crocodile finally succumbed to the python’s grasp. The capture of the prey was completed, as onlookers continued to watch in horror. The snake swam out of the river, all the while holding onto the crocodile and somehow dragging it to shore.

Obviously working up a ravaging appetite, the snake proceeded to take to the task of eating the dead crocodile. Arranging and maneuvering the carcass to the proper position, the python managed to sink into his prized dinner. As the python’s dark scales reflected the rays of the sun casting a rainbow of sorts, his pot of gold was at hand.

Going at the crocodile face first, the flexible jaws of the python expanded to swallow the head of the crocodile. It only took a mere 15 minutes for the snake to totally consume its meal he had worked long and hard for. The feat was accomplished and the feast was devoured. The snake was full to the brim and the outline of the crocodile could be seen within its belly. A snake took on a crocodile and won, but may burst at the seams in the next few days.

By: Roanne FitzGibbon

ABC News 

Brisbane Times  


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