Julius Malema of Economic Freedom Fighters Promises Free Education


Malema has a strategy, a well-chalked out plan which can ensure that South Africa becomes a communist country. According to the heroic leader, the people should be able to do what they want, and this can happen, if the country aligns with communism. The confidence for the overall freedom of South Africa is the aim and more people are lending their support for the heroic leader. Of all the promises made by Julius Malema of Economic Freedom Fighters, “free education to all” is the most crucial one.

The electrifying speeches by the heroic leader attract a lot of supporters. Addressing more than 30,000 supporters in Mehlareng stadium, he said, “We will give you free, quality education as it is the only solution to address poverty and inequality.” He continued by saying that the restoration of people’s dignity will be his motive, and education will be the sword to combat the evil.

Malema said his organization would shape several courts to answer quickly to occurrences of venality, with the objective of firing and barring dishonest state workers and private corporations and recovering lost money. He added saying, no one from his party, himself included, would be permissible to represent the party in Parliament after being sentenced due to corruption.

Other motivated assurances he made comprised of increasing the remunerations of public servants by 50 percent, sponsoring the taxi business and accommodation finance for middle income group and passing laws that decrease 20-year housing credits to a maximum of 10 years. Even as these measures are important, the promise of free education by Julius Malema of Economic Freedom Fighters is noteworthy.

The lady with the fire persona criticised the ANC administration for recklessness to progress the lives of millions of people who still live in wretched conditions. She said that the people of Diepsloot and Alexandra are living in terrible conditions. She pointed out that many people are bitten by rats and the overall living conditions are really bad.

Malema’s first essential step will be the distribution of land without reimbursements in order to allocate it to deprived persons. Subsequently, nationalization of mines, banks and several other sectors will follow, again without reimbursement. Stopping government proposals and aiming for good healthcare, houses, and hygiene are the other commitments made by the electrifying leader.

He is quite concerned with the tax policies related to the corporate houses. The charismatic leader said that he will re-structure the tax laws for assistance of the poor people. Until 2009, Mr Malema was anonymous to a lot of South Africans. He was chosen as the head of the ANC Youth League in April that year after a well fought election in Bloemfontein at the league’s national conference.

With the strong background of a well-trained fighter, his charisma has won a lot of supporters in South Africa within a short frame of time. Malema has a strong personality and he knows how to express both annoyance and optimism. Criticisms and counter-criticisms are tearing apart South African politics, even as Julius Malema of the Economic Freedom Fighters is hopeful of providing free educations to the people of the African Nation.

Opinion by Sunando Basu

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4 Responses to "Julius Malema of Economic Freedom Fighters Promises Free Education"

  1. themba.b   March 25, 2014 at 3:50 pm

    Heroic leader, heroic leader, charismatic leader, electrifying speeches by the heroic leader, the electrifying leader, the charismatic leader bla bla bla.

    Interesting that “He is quite concerned with the tax policies related to the corporate houses” while facing corruption & tax evasion charges himself.

    Here is a man claiming to be “pro poor” when very very recently (just before the rug was pulled from under his feet) purchased a property in an elite area, went on to demolish the house on it, it in order to make way for his new palatial residence, complete with cinema, wine cellar & cigar lounge !!

  2. Carryonthegoodwork   March 3, 2014 at 2:29 am

    This guy is really commendale, given the way he is spreading the awareness of education.. Whatever be the motive, must be noble…

  3. doctor   March 3, 2014 at 1:36 am

    It takes a thief a short tym to catch ada thieves

  4. brunoh   March 2, 2014 at 12:55 pm

    Kkkkkkkk how can a corrupt person like Malema fight corruption when he himself is the worst culprit. He is taking people for grunted


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