Obama and Biden Get Moving


President Barack Obama along with Vice President Joe Biden got moving last week to help promote Mrs. Michelle Obama’s campaign Let’s Move! The campaign addresses the problem with obesity in the US. Mrs. Obama has set out to educate kids and families to get moving, and work exercise and healthy eating into their daily lives.

In celebration of the fourth anniversary, the Let’s Move! campaign, the First Lady is challenging people across the nation to use social media to tell their fitness and healthy eating stories. If enough people engaged in the project, Mrs. Obama promised to share a video on the official White House blog of how President and Vice President get moving to stay healthy.

In the video Obama and Biden are jogging through the White House in ties and work shoes. Sunny and Bo make a quick appearance as the leaders of the free world jogged down the halls past the well-behaved canines. The two end up back in the oval office where they stop to drink a glass of water and make promises to meet up again for their unusual workout routine.

The Let’s Move! campaign has made a big difference in homes and schools across the nation. Schools and daycares are serving healthier snacks in their lunch rooms and at snack time and encouraging the kids to get moving, Obama and Biden style. Many major corporations, elected officials, organizations, physicians and more have contributed to the project.

The Disney Corporation will require all Disney related business’s to adhere to federal government nutritional guidelines and replace the unhealthy foods and beverages with healthier food choices. The company aims to complete the changes by 2015.

Blue Cross Blue Shield is getting in the game by creating Play Streets, streets in urban areas will be blocked off from traffic to allow families and children to engage in outdoor play. Bike riding, running, and a variety of other outdoor activities will let people get moving without worrying about traffic in the street.

Three major retail establishments; Walmart, Walgreens, and Supervalu have committed to opening 1,500 stores in neighborhoods that don’t have access to healthy and nutritional foods. Not only will the communities benefit from a healthier lifestyle due to better choices, but the new stores will bring jobs and commerce to the area.

Mrs. Obama also started Let’s Move! Child Care. A program that guarantees the youth of today to maintain a healthy lifestyle that will impact the rest of their lives. Over 10,000 professionals in the childcare industry and organizations have signed up to follow new guidelines for healthy choices, and  implement requirements for physical activity.

The ultimate goal for the Let’s Move! project is to get the national rate on obesity back to numbers that the country saw before the obesity epidemic began 30 years ago. With everyone involved in the efforts towards improving the lifestyles of children, adults and family, this goal will be easily obtainable. Let’s Move! has empowered many to succeed in making healthy choices that in turn has created a community of positive role models for  generations to come, and Obama and Biden are leading the pack by showing kids how to get moving.

By Christina Thompson

Lets Move!

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