Justin Bieber: What to beliebe about Bieber?

BieberThe latest rumors that Justin Bieber is planning to become a father to Selena Gomez’s baby must have beliebers asking themselves just what they can and cannot believe when it comes to Justin. It is the latest in the never-ending headlines inspired by Bieber, some of them true, some of them unfounded. All of them highly entertaining.

When trying to work out what is and what is not true on the Bieber front, it might be best to start with what do we know is true. First, Bieber is male. That was proven when his penis had to be redacted in police videos of him urinating into a vessel. Second, he is Canadian. Third, he is 20 years old. And he has lived several lifetimes of rumors for someone so young.

Beliebers  also know Bieber is smart. He did after all become one of the first of the you-tube generation to use the channel to make a name. And quite a name it was with Bieber giving birth to its own verb-beliebe. And he is smart enough to be able to keep his name in the media. Even though his career seemed to be in crisis after the disappointing performance of his Journals album released at the end of 2013, Bieber has not been out of the headlines in 2014.

We know he is talented, too, whatever the album sales. The Biebster can sing. And dance. And act, too. He can model. We know he is successful, too. Bieber has sold over 15 million records and has approximately 40 million twitter fans. That’s a lot of belieber downloads going on. And he has credibility, too, at least in the eyes of the record industry. At the 53rd annual Grammy awards, Bieber was nominated for Best New Artist and Best Pop Vocal Album.

Beliebers also know Bieber turns up late to his concerts, urinates in restaurant mop buckets, does not always see the funny side of being harassed by paparazzi and has problems with the police concerning drugs, alcohol and driving under the influence. He has even been arrested. Bieber would probably prefer fans did not know those things. And beliebers moist likely do not care about them. They have more important matters to be interested in. Well, one important thing-Selena Gomez.

Now to what beliebers are told to believe about Justin Bieber but don’t know whether to beliebe or not: his relationship with Selena Gomez. The on-off-on again nature of the affair keeps both Bieber and Gomez on the front pages but keeps beliebers confused. Selfies and shots of entering one another’s houses abound but the mystery of their status remains and the searches on the internet for the truth never end. And now the rumors are that the couple want to have a baby although they are barely out of diapers themselves. And now they are supposed to be getting married. At 20. And when they have not even lived together. Didn’t beliebers beliebe Justin was smart?

But no wonder it is hard to know what to beliebe about Justin Bieber. Bieber sometimes fools his fans, too. Only last year he tweeted he was retiring from the music industry. That is the kind of tweet the beliebers do not want to hear from their favorite songbird. But if Lady Gaga fans are to be believed, the beliebers are not beyond spreading their own fibs, either. Last year little monsters accused beliebers of an internet death hoax. Beliebers were quick to deny it was them, saying they had bigger things to worry about. What were those things? Worrying about why Bieber was not tweeting.

With the baby rumors still unconfirmed, Bieber fans are still in the dark about what to believe. And with his official website not featuring any news since it posted his video for Confident at the end of January, music-related news is thin on the ground. What fans have heard from Bieber on twitter is that he is thinking of appearing in Calvin Klein ads, but even then, whether or not it is really Justin Bieber’s abs on show will be something fans will have to decide whether to beliebe or not.

Commentary by Christian Deverille


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  1. Anne Sewell   April 3, 2014 at 2:28 am

    Come on, is it BIEBER or BEIBER???


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