Justin Bieber Cranky in Deposition Tape


Justin Bieber’s deposition tape was revealed this morning. A website posted four videos of what they claimed to be the best representation of how it all went down. A cranky Bieber sat down last week in a brown leather office chair and would occasionally and arrogantly look at the camera in the room while adjusting his collar. It was clear that Bieber was unable to take the deposition seriously, as one may notice after watching the tapes. The official video tape has now been posted on YouTube, all four clips combined to watch now below.

The star attended the meeting with his lawyer present to answer some questions concerning a bodyguard of his who allegedly beat up a photographer. In the tape, Bieber did not answer any of the questions concerning his bodyguard. He simply flipped over his hands and said “I do not recall.” Bieber was not cooperating to say the least. “I don’t have to listen to anything you have to say” an annoyed Bieber said.

When questioned about whether his security guards would punch, grab or push paparazzi if need be, it appears the teen star refused to answer that specific question. Bieber was asked to look at a film playing on a television screen behind him as well, but he would not cooperate to look at that either; asking twice “Is this a film?”

When asked whether Selena Gomez and he discussed the paparazzi, Bieber refused to the answer the question, rubbing his forehead, looking very cranky yet trying to remain calm and saying “Don’t ask me about her again” over and over again. In the video, Bieber’s lawyer then gets up and moves towards him suggesting that everyone should take a break from the deposition. The tape continues when Justin begins to laugh at a question as he takes a sip of water. The interviewer then asks Bieber than whether there was anything funny about his question.

Justin calls the deposition interviewer Katie Couric. “Is this a news interview for you? -Because it’s not, it’s your deposition, do you understand that?  I understand what you’re doing” says Bieber. The aggravated Bieber then referred to the deposition as a “60 minute interview.” Bieber was then asked about Scooter Brawn, and if he had discussed with Braun about a photographer that wanted to take a picture of him. Bieber just shook his head and closed his eyes, clearly not wanting to answer that question. “Remind me of your answer” says the interviewer, and Bieber says “no.”

Bieber was asked if he knows Usher, and responds “yeah, Usher, that sounds familiar.” He is then asked “Isn’t it true that Usher was instrumental in starting your career?” Bieber’s lawyer is starting to get cranky as well, and said, “What does this have to do with this litigation? This is just you, trying to harass the client.” Bieber eventually answers the question by saying “I was found on YouTube. I think that I was detrimental to my own career.” Did Bieber mean to say “Detrimental?” His lawyer then corrected him, saying “he was instrumental to his own career.” People who watch the deposition tape will see that it is not certain what effect this will have on the case, however, a cranky Bieber refusing to answer questions in the deposition tape does not make a good impression.

By Katie Sevigny



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