Lindsay Lohan Reality Show Flop?

LIndsay Lohan Reality Show Flop?

OWN network and their Lindsay Lohan reality show, aka documentary, looks to be a real flop. At least according to viewing figures from the Sunday premiere. A measly 693,184 folks tuned in to watch Ms Lohan’s show and by any other network’s standards this is pretty low. In fact it could be seen as being abysmal. Considering how much the 27 year-old actress is getting paid for this television event, it looks like Oprah Winfrey’s business has been taken to the cleaners.

Of course OWN looks at their viewing figures differently. According to them, the show did very well. In fact, they have determined that the viewing figures for women between the ages of 18 to 34 was the highest in nearly seven months during the 10 p.m. slot on Sunday.

Depending upon which account you read, that talks about the show’s viewing figures, this number has been construed as either very low or a great start. Although Winfrey’s network is trying to bring new viewers to the cable channel and in that instance they feel that they have accomplished what they set out to do.

They have had an increase in their targeted demographic of 231 percent from last year. Erik Logan, the president of OWN, says that they wanted a different audience and they accomplished this with Lohan’s reality show which, at first glance, looks suspiciously like a flop.

Perez Hilton pointed out that Lindsay’s competition, in terms of celebrity reality TV type documentaries and on the same network; Lilo, with her OWN viewing figures, placed third. She was beaten by other Oprah network shows like Iyanla: Fix My Life and Life with La Toya as Hilton himself says in the article, oof.

Considering that one of the show’s “highlights” consisted of Lohan’s boobs being free to move where they wanted by virtue of not wearing a bra, it is surprising that more male viewers did not tune in. Perhaps after the attention paid to Lindsay’s appendages, next weeks episode will have a higher viewing figure.

The Mean Girls star is probably not too bothered by the lack of viewers on her reality show, as she has already received offer from publisher HarperCollins who really want Lindsay to commit her rehab journal to print for a cool million dollar deal. Talk about crying all the way to the bank.

The Canyons actress looks set to pen an autobiographical account of her time spent in rehab, presumably both facilities, and those who have no wish to watch a weekly show with Lohan as the focus, can read all about the tortuous events of her enforced drying out period. At least with printed material if you do not like it you can line the bottom of the canary’s cage with the pages.

Although according to the Irish Mirror Lindsay could be back in rehab at the rate she’s going. The paper reports that Lohan was partying down in Chateau Marmont until the wee hours starting on Friday night and ending at 5 a.m. on Saturday. The star’s fun did not end there, however, reportedly she went on to a private house party and did not finish there until the early morning hours of Sunday.

While Lindsay Lohan’s reality TV show could be called a flop, she’s at least gotten a little respectability out of her stint in rehab and her appearance on the OWN network. News is that the Chateau Marmont has lifted Lohan’s ban which is why she was able to attend the party. She got banned from the establishment after she neglected to pay a huge, as in thousands of dollars, bill. Who know, after she finishes her million dollar book, perhaps she can pay the bill.

By Michael Smith



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