Justin Bieber Deposition –Yin and Yang of Stardom

BieberWith every Yin, there is a Yang, according to some of the world’s philosophers, and celebrities of today do not appear to be immune to this ancient law, say viewers. Could it be that for every bright light there is an equal shadow of darkness succeeding it? Kanye West has likened his experience with stardom to having all of life’s finest offerings, only with the exception of flies constantly buzzing around the face, referring to paparazzi harassment. Bieber and his latest headlines, along with a YouTube video from his deposition, show what some might call an irritated star who probably wished he were somewhere else.

Fans of all ages look up to these American idols (and some Canadian idols too) like Bieber and Drizzy Drake as if they were almost super-humans or gods even, which may be accurate to a certain extent. However, recent and historical tales of tragedy in the fast-life suggest that this god-life in the spotlight does not come without its troubles.

Few can imagine what it might be like to stand in front of thousands of fans screaming out their name as they make their way across the stage to touch the hand of a crying teenager in the front row, and then watch her body convulse as she nearly goes into a state of shock. Many envy these stars from a distance, mostly for the benefits, but would they really want everything that comes with this type of world recognition? For example, how about making their way through the airport with eight or nine bedraggled looking photographers who slept in their cars last night, circling around stars as they try to walk, shooting full auto camera flashes in their face to the point where even a $400 pair of designer sunglasses has trouble preventing temporary blindness. Then there is the onlookers’ weird stares as celebs unwillingly drag their circus down the streets with them wherever they go.

Justin Bieber

Then also there is the money factor. How nice it is to have a “comfortable bank account” as rap star E-40 has stated. However, what may not be so nice is the lineup of people looking to take it from them with frivolous lawsuits from sometimes overly aggressive camera-men who try to get their camera so close to the star it provokes security to push them out-of-the-way, like viewers speculate may have happened to Bieber. At one point during his recent deposition, Justin turns to the lawyer questioning him and says “I see what you’re doing.”

There seems to be many interpretations as to why the singer was acting the way he did during his deposition. Could it be that Bieber knows he is the target of one of these celebrity shakedowns, giving reason for his “smug” attitude, as reporters have stated?

What does common sense tell the viewer? Do they think these stars are running around after photographers looking to beat them up for taking their picture? Some comments suggest that celebs do actually like getting their photos snapped, but there may be a point to where it becomes more than that, like when they are bumped and banged into, or even blocked from moving to their destination in a public area.

As fans stand by watching celebrity cases, such as Bieber in his deposition, some wonder now if there really is a Yin and Yang to stardom. It may just be true, that for every spoon of caviar there is a spoon of something else not so pleasant, but however the ups and downs, from the highest heights to the lowest lows concerning the pain of fame, some might say, “It is what it is.”

Opinion by Aaron Thompson



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