Justin Bieber You Have the Right to Feel Harassed

Justin Bieber You Have the Right to Feel Harassed Tweet

It has to be said that if nothing else, Justin Bieber comes out with some unintentionally funny quotes; in his four hour long video taped deposition the priceless gem of the lot was his statement, “You have the right to feel harassed;” which, to be fair to the entertainer, came after the proceedings in a tweet. At least one website has collected several “comic moments” from Bieber’s taped appearance in court to answer a lawsuit regarding charges that his bodyguard had, allegedly, assaulted a photographer.

TMZ points out that there are many sides to the Canadian singer as well as many faces. Of course Bieber inadvertently provided several memorable moments while he was testifying and celeb sites have been quick to point all these out and to make fun of the young singer.

It could be said that the 20 year-old performer has brought this on himself, but honestly, if anyone else but Bieber had been charged, would people care? Not one of these proceedings, and there will be several more to come discounting the Toronto no-show where Justin’s lawyer sat in for him, would be newsworthy if not for Justin. Plus it makes sense that Bieber will get better at these court appearances  as he goes along.

Although it does seem that Justin got confused at one point about whether this was a legal deposition or an interview. Of course he did tweet to his fans about his four hours in court and it was here that Bieber came out with the, “You have the right to feel harassed” statement or tweet, to be exact.

Justin Bieber You Have the Right to Feel Harassed Tweet

It would not be surprising at all to hear that the Beauty and the Beat singer is feeling a bit harassed at the moment. With such a high amount of charges hanging over his head, he must feel like one of America’s Most Wanted. Look out for Bieber’s picture, coming soon to a post office near you.

Still outstanding, in the way of legal charges, is the egg throwing incident. This has not yet been formally set out as it is rumored that the Los Angeles prosecution team want to make  sure that  Justin is seen in the harshest light possible. Understandable when taking into account that this juvenile stunt was put in the felony category because of the monetary cost of damages to his former neighbor’s house.

The local cops were themselves put in a pretty bad light when it was reported that they got the felony search warrant to go through Bieber’s, then, Calabasas home. The search itself was ridiculed further when it turned out that they, rather unsurprisingly, found nothing in the way of evidence.

While a lot of what Justin said during the long deposition was funny, there will be at least one person who may not find it all that amusing. At one point, Bieber was asked about his mentor, and Svengali, Usher and his response, which ignored Usher altogether, was that he was discovered on YouTube. Of course he ended that statement with the fact that he was detrimental to his own career. Oh dear.

Justin Bieber may feel that he does, indeed, have the right to feel harassed, as he tweeted to his fans, but he can at least take comfort in the fact that his love life has improved. Apart from his reported comic turn at the deposition, it has also been reported that he and former girlfriend Selena Gomez are back together. It looks like singer may just feel like he has the right to be happy.

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