Kissing: 6 Reasons It Is Good for Your Health

Kissing: 6 Reasons It Is Good for Your HealthAh, kissing! Most people find it pleasurable. British poet Rupert Brooke once said, a kiss makes the heart young again and wipes out the years. Well, kissing not only feels good, it has actual health benefits, too. Now science is also saying that it may have long-term physical and mental benefits.

Natural relaxation
It eases tension. An intense kiss is a good relaxation technique. When the mouth is in a kissing position, it’s about smiling and, it’s nearly impossible to smile and feel stressed simultaneously. Also, as breathing becomes deeper and eyes close when people kiss, it gives a perfect relaxation. Studies found that kissing stimulates the levels of oxytocin, the body’s natural calming chemical. In addition, it upsurges endorphins, the body’s feel-great chemicals. Swapping spit is also noted to boost dopamine that helps in feelings of romantic connection.

Lower blood pressure
Smooching helps to dilate blood vessels that may help reduce blood pressure. A passionate kissing gets heartbeat revved in a healthy way that helps lower blood pressure. As it dilates blood vessels and blood flows in a good, solid fashion, it gets to all the vital organs. Your heart is pumping, your pulse is racing. If the kissing is exciting, it releases adrenaline into the bloodstream and the heart pumps more blood around body, which is a great cardiovascular workout.

Prevent tooth decay
Passionate kisses are good for oral health. It helps avert tooth decay. Kissing is nature’s own cleaning process. After eating, mouth is filled with sugar solution and acidic saliva that cause plaque develop. It increases saliva flow and takes plaque levels down. According to Dental Health Magazine, deep kissing stimulates the flow of saliva, which helps to keep the mouth, teeth and gums healthy. The additional liquid helps get rid of food particles in the teeth, and in stimulating the immune system, it helps the body in the fight against infection.

Burn Calories
A vigorous kiss can burn 8-16 calories that helps lose weight and increases fitness levels. A good smooch makes the metabolism burn up sugar faster than normal. The calories burned depend on the force. But different reports say smooching burns anywhere from two to six calories per minute. Locking lips for an hour may burn off half a handful of candies or half a glass of wine.

Strengthen facial muscles
A long kiss helps shape up neck and jawline by working out a number of facial muscles. Sure, tight abs or cellulite-free thighs may be first on your fitness list, but don’t underestimate the workout your mouth gets during a make-out session. Researchers say you use 30 muscles while kissing and that smooching helps keep your cheeks tight. Nice.

Boost Self-Esteem
It boosts self-esteem. A passionate smooch is a great medicine. In theory, when people kiss, they’re happy. And when they’re happy, they feel good about themselves. One report shows that men who received a tender smooch before they went for work made more money. This shows that the kiss makes people contended, boosts self-esteem and, eventually, more dynamic at work.

There might be other health benefits to kissing. It can kill cramps and headaches. It slows the ageing process. It is a good indication of what’s to come. It can be an excellent way to check out a potential partner before getting emotionally involved. The first kiss is always a good way to work out if there’s any chemistry between two people.

By Rahad Abir


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