Lady Gaga Nearly Naked at Roseland Ballroom

Lady Gaga is widely known for her wild style and outlandish outfits, but she took things to a completely new level, on Friday, when she showed up nearly naked at the New York City Roseland Ballroom. Gaga, who was celebrating her twenty-eighth birthday, appeared at the venue to kick off the beginning of a seven-night residency.

Gage arrived at the Roseland Ballroom in a yellow New York City cab that was adorned with red roses from front to back; however, the shocker came when Gaga stepped out of the cab. While onlookers were expecting to see her in a wild outfit, nothing could have prepared them for the spectacle they saw.

As she exited the cab at the Roseland Ballroom, it became very apparent that Lady Gaga was nearly naked. Keeping with the rose theme from the cab, Gaga wore a skin-colored; completely see through bodysuit that was also adorned sparingly with roses.

Her head was completely covered in a red, see through mask. Ruffles ran across the top of Gaga’s head, and there was one rose under each eye and at her mouth. On the front of her outfit, roses ran down her right arm and were dotted from her right shoulder snaking downward strategically covering her breasts and bikini area. Vine-like appendages hung from the mask.

There was one final rose planted dead square in the middle of her rear-end, and the only thing Gaga wore under the sheer bodysuit was a white g-string.  Lady Gaga rounded off the ensemble with a pair of pink boots with bottoms that resembled the tines of a fork, and each had a bright red ribbon tied around it.

The never shy Lady Gaga waved to her little monsters while clutching a bouquet of white roses and posed for pictures. Various body tattoos could be seen as she pranced around. Before going inside to get ready for her performance, she paused to greet young fans standing by the door. They too were sporting costumes; a few of them wore replica Gage masks that covered their forehead and eyes.

As she prepared to take the stage, to a sold out audience, Gaga tweeted, “It’s show time baby,” adding that this was the best birthday she had ever had.

Gaga opened the show at the piano singing Born This Way before moving through 11 more of her most beloved hits, including Monster, Black Jesus – Amen Fashion, Sexx Dreams, Bad Romance, Dope, Poker Face, Just Dance, You and I,  Applause, Artpop, and finally, her latest hit G.U.Y. In between performances, approximately after every third song, she shook things up with a wardrobe change, and yes, each outfit was over the top.

Luckily, Gaga spared the concertgoers some of her artistic expression by not letting anyone vomit on her during the one-hour show. It is just too bad that she did not do the same with her some of her outfits. For all who are interested, the nearly naked Gaga is scheduled to perform at the Roseland Ballroom through April 7.

Opinion By Donna W. Martin


Daily Mail

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