Lady Gaga Puking Painter Tweets Angry Rebuttal to Demi Lovato

Lady Gaga Puking Painter Tweets Angry Rebuttal to Demi Lovato
Lady Gaga has started a feud between Demi Lovato, who slammed her for participating in a painter’s puking art form during her live performance at Austin’s SXSW, and Millie Brown, the artist in question, who has tweeted an angry rebuttal to Lovato’s criticism of the number.

This vomiting Jackson Pollock practices a form of artistic expression that sounds as revolting as it looks. Brown drinks colored milk and then regurgitates it onto a blank canvas, repeatedly. The artist claims that this does not affect her health and that her art is a sought after product. It has also been mentioned that Ripley’s Believe it or Not recognises her work.

Demi Lovato, who got her start on the kid’s television program Barney and Friends has taken Gaga to task on her “glorification” of eating disorders. The 21 year-old performer has acknowledged that she has battled against Bulimia as well as self-harming and abusing alcohol and drugs as a teen. Lovato is young enough to remember her struggles as a teenager and she seems to feel that Mother Monster did not think her Austin performance art number through.

Lady Gaga is 27 years-old and should also be able to remember the difficulties of being a teen. In fact, it is her clear association with troubled youth that makes her such an icon to all those teenagers who do not feel like they “belong” or fit the definition of “normal.” Sadly, it seems that Gaga is more interested in shocking audiences in order to boost her popularity than actually being cognizant of her fan’s problems.

Performance artist Millie Brown, when she is not tweeting angry rebuttals to Demi Lovato on Lady Gaga’s behalf, has travelled the world puking paint of many colors. She has been described as a sensationalist who relies on the controversy of her art style to get, and maintain, public attention. She is also 27, the same age as the Swine singer whom she threw up over at the SXSW.

The angry performance artist tweeted a screenshot of one of Demi’s old 2013 tweets. The former Disney star posted on Twitter in September that year to say that she felt people were too judgemental of artists. Brown’s tweet says, at the top of the screenshot, “yet you bash Gaga.” It appears that the vomiting Pollock artist doesn’t understand the difference between expressing art and promoting dangerous habits to teens who have precious few role models to look up to.

Brown also tweeted, in another post, that she believes in absolute freedom of expression and challenging perceptions of beauty and art. She also says that she does not believe in censorship. She claims that she is using her body to create art and not to conform to societal standards.

Lady Gaga has appealed to her “little monsters” through the means of being both weird and wonderful. She has enhanced her own feelings of “not fitting in” to enable her voiceless audience the chance to believe that they have the right to belong as well. Millie Brown, the puking painter, has sent an angry rebuttal to Demi Lovato in a tweet in an effort to stand up for Mother Monster. Gaga has, it seems, opted to give Lovato’s displeasure little attention while indulging in self=promotion.

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