Lady GaGa Slammed by Demi Lovato for Glamorizing Bulimia

Lady GaGa Slammed by Demi Lovato for Glamorizing Bulimia (Video)

Demi Lovato slammed Lady GaGa, saying that she believes that Mother Monster was “glamorizing eating disorders,” by performing a song in concert in Austin, Texas, on Thursday, March 13, during which performance artist Millie Brown vomited up green milk on her chest.

Demi Lovato (“Neon Lights”) has had bulimia in the past, and she thinks that Lady GaGa’s performance of her song “Swine,” at her SXSW show during which the vomiting incident occurred (you can see the video below) was, in effect, a glorification of bulimia.

In a tweet about the vomiting stunt, Lovato, 27, wrote that she thought Lady GaGa’s depiction of bulimia was “sad.” She added that it was “not ‘cool’ or ‘artsy’ at all.”

Demi received negative feedback from fans of Lady GaGa, who made comments like that Demi was throwing “shade” on the Mother Monster or “hating” on her. Lovato insisted in follow-up tweets that it wasn’t either of those two things that motivated her to respond to Lady GaGa’s performance. It was that she honestly felt that Lady GaGa was glorifying eating disorders.

Lovato added that calling something like that “ART” doesn’t mean that a person can “do whatever you want without consequences.”

Lady GaGa explains why she included vomiting in her performance

Some media sources are calling the green-colored liquid Millie Brown puked up onto Lady GaGa’s chest was “paint,” while other sources are calling it “liquid” or “milk.” Regardless of exactly what the liquid was, Demi was not the only person who criticized Lady GaGa and Millie Brown’s performance.

What made Lady GaGa think it might be a good thing to have someone throw up on her as she sang “Swine”? Lady GaGa explained her reasoning in a talk she gave Friday at SXSW.

She said that she’d “collaborated before” with Millie, and, knowing that she was in town, “we thought we would collaborate again.” Lady GaGa called it “performance art” and said that she was excited that the performance caused people to “talk about performance art on the internet.”

Millie Brown is known as being a “Vomit Painter.” She has vomited onto artist canvases before, and sold her work. She has been “Vomit Painting” since 2005. Lady GaGa has bought some of her paintings.

Brown induced the vomiting during last Thursday’s concert by sticking two fingers down her throat and vomiting up a green-colored liquid she had previously consumed onto Lady GaGa as she was playing the drums and singing.

One expert on eating disorders, LCSW Director of The Beacon Program Molly Carmel, said that what Lady GaGa did was irresponsible,” and added that “Bulimia can be a lethal illness.”

What are some potential health problems associated with bulimia?

According to the NEDA, some health problems associated with bulimia are gastric rupture, electrolyte imbalances, chronic bowel movements, tooth decay, and even potential rupturing of the esophagus.

Earlier this year, in February, Lady GaGa spoke to a reporter from Harper’s Bazaar about her own experiences with having suffered from bulimia, so she probably didn’t really mean for some people to take the “performance art” as a sign that she was encouraging bulimia.

Lady GaGa said in the interview that she doesn’t “have an eating disorder anymore.” She also stated that she is “not a pawn for anyone’s future business.”

Because of Lady GaGa’s past experiences combating bulimia, it could be that the so-called “performance art” of having Brown throw up on her was meant as being an indictment of society’s notions of thinness being equated with self-worth, rather than an encouragement of bulimia.

Was Demi Lovato right to slam Lady GaGa on Twitter for allowing Brown to throw up on her as she sang “Swine”? Or, did Demi misunderstand the message that Mother Monster was trying to send with the performance? Bulimia is certainly an eating disorder that nobody should glorify, and it can lead to many health issues. Check out the video that follows, and please leave your comments below!

Written by: Douglas Cobb

Lady GaGa Getting Puked On Video

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