Las Vegas Strip Shooting and Fiery Crash Not Over After One Year

Las Vegas Strip Shooting and Fiery Crash Not Over After a Year

The Las Vegas Strip shooting which led to a fiery crash one year ago is slowly being resolved, as life moves on beyond the tragedy. What started as an altercation outside a Vegas hotel the end of February of 2013, a car chase ensued with gunfire and a fiery crash. Leaving three people dead and five injured, shattered lives are being restored with the hope and help of the Vegas community.

Happening in the wee hours of the morning, tempers flared and road rage sped down the streets of Sin City. Words were exchanged at a stop light between Ammar Harris, driving a black Range Rover and aspiring rapper and hip-hop singer Kenny Clutch, driving a Maserati. Cruising Las Vegas Boulevard near Flamingo Road, shots rang out from the Range Rover striking Clutch. His vehicle went on to careen into a taxi cab, which promptly was engulfed in flames. As passersby and visitors were out walking the 24 hour city, chaos ruined the once fun evening.

Las Vegas Strip Shooting and Fiery Crash Not Over After One YearKilled in the tragic event were Clutch, age 27 and the cab driver, Michael Boldon, age 62. Also killed was a passenger in the cab, Sandra Sutton-Wasmund from the state of Washington. What could have been just a typical night in the city that never sleeps, actions continued in a chain reaction that left onlookers in awe.

Harris somehow escaped and went on the lam for a week, but was later located in Los Angeles. Taken back to Nevada, Harris recently was convicted of rape and robbery charges bringing his stay in jail up to 16 years to life, before the case of the crash is even heard later this year.

After the headlines of national news, various personnel in specialized fields were left to begin their intensive work to clean up the mess and comfort loved ones left behind. Police, EMTs, detectives and lawyers had their work cut out for them to restore the intersection and the dangling pieces of the puzzle that were left from one act of careless and selfish ambition.

As funerals took place and injured passengers were tended to, civil actions and lawsuits re-examined all the facts of the accident. Many people’s lives were changed in the few minutes it took to snuff out the hopes and dreams of a rapper from Oakland, California, a cab driver with a regular route and paying job, and a visitor just wanting to see the city.

Tragic events and accidents can happen in a split second as loved ones left behind can only grieve and try their best to move on. Help comes in different forms in recounting losses, as experienced and well versed experts can help mend them through justice and monetary restitution.

Several personal injury lawyers were called upon for each individual of the horrific scene, including a truck driver that was clipped in the crash. Although compensation can never restore the lives that were lost, hope remains through the hands of skilled and trained lawyers that can help bring things to closure.

Compassionate men in suits can work wonders in restoring the shattered lives so many have endured. In the case of the Las Vegas Strip Shooting and Fiery Crash Not Over After a Yearcab driver, Boldon, his son found an excellent personal lawyer to help make things better. Lawrence J. Smith of Benson, Bertoldo, Baker and Carter (BBB&C) was called upon to help ease the pain and has since worked on the ongoing case for Boldon. Anticipating a fair settlement this fall, cases like this take time. Smith and the others of his firm are dedicated to their clients and go the extra mile to make things right.

Lives are never the same after a tragic accident, medical mishap or emotional trauma that affects the everyday quality of life. Focusing on physical and psychologically induced pain and suffering, specialized lawyers such as Smith and his team extend more than their services. They care about the people they serve.

Ranging from house deeds to bizarre and freak accidents, the team at B.B.B.& C. have seen it all. Helping victims of misfortune comes naturally as they understand and become friends with many of their clients. They help to restore some sense of dignity in the losses people go through with their caring attitudes and achievements in the community. Smith has won the pro-bono lawyer of the year and other numerous awards for his service beyond the desk.

Reaching out to the community, B.B. B. & C. is involved with PSA announcements concerning texting and driving, sponsorships of sports teams and fighters in the Las Vegas arenas and a special cause of Cancer Radio. Sponsoring a yearly essay contest for aspiring students, the firm also offers a $5,000 award to eligible entrants interested in the field of law.

Loose ends of the Las Vegas Strip shooting and crash are wrapping up with the final verdicts and settlements to take place later this year. Lives can be shattered but still viable in the minds and hopes of those who work for the benefit of helping others. Las Vegas lights and glitz filter in the everyday life of regular citizens as compassionate men in suits help to ease the woes of the world and work wonders of recovery.  Shootings and crashes can still enter safe refuge with the expert help from men like Smith and his partners, as they strive to help the weary and wounded in life’s journeys.

By: Roanne FitzGibbon





Interview with Lawrence J. Smith


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  1. Elise Taylor   March 4, 2014 at 2:22 pm

    My fiance was the first driver to have been hit by the maserati that morning, he has since lost his job been homeless and has even gone to jail trying to survive all because of that accident. His attorney has given us the run around and has not been much help at all and has just now informed us that the personal injury side of his law suit is at a stand still because they won’t release the drivers insurance information. Mean while my fiance and I struggle to stay a float as we face getting evicted from our home and have a baby due this April. Can someone please tell us what’s really going on, we understand that these things take time but it has been almost a year and he is still in pain and has lost hope for any restitution.


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