Lena Dunham ‘Disgusted’ by Woody Allen, Scarlett Johansson Sees No Problem


Comedienne Lena Dunham, best known for her work on the hit comedy Girls, has turned serious as she has opened up about her feelings about legendary director Woody Allen.  Dunham notes that she is a staunch supporter of Dylan Farrow, the director’s estranged daughter who accused him of molesting her when she was young, but says that people are missing the point of Dylan Farrow’s letter if they comb through Allen’s old films, looking for child molestation references.  Actress Scarlett Johansson, however, sees no problem with continuing to work with the director.

Farrow wrote an open and scathing letter to the New York Times last month that brought old accusations against Allen back to the forefront, just two months before actress Cate Blanchett, also mentioned in Farrow’s letter, won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her work in Allen’s Blue Jasmine.  Dunham says she is unconcerned that her indictment of Allen will leave her off the list when it comes to the director’s future films because as far as she is concerned, his work is really not that good.

Actress Johansson, who has appeared in three Allen films – Vicky Christina Barcelona, Match Point and Scoop – said in a recent interview that Farrow’s decision to mention actors by name in her letter seemed irresponsible to her, as she felt that she and none of the other actors mentioned in the letter could adequately, or even possibly, comment on the situation.  She says she refuses to let the situation impact her relationship with Allen, as the accusations that continue against him are impossible to prove.  She also says she fails to see why anyone would not want to work with Allen and notes at this point that Farrow’s accusations boil down to “guesswork”.  She says she has no problem with continuing to work with Allen.

While Dunham says she continues to be “disgusted” by Allen, she also cautions that people need to be cautious about indicting the man simply based on his body of work, which spans some 73 films.  She says she is uncomfortable if the world has become a place where people are found guilty simply based on their art.  Dunham says she does not care one way or the other if her opinions about Allen mean she will not be considered for future parts in Allen’s films because she says his work has “got really bad.”

Johansson says that she has no opinion about the accusations facing Allen, and says that Farrow simply threw a “bunch of actors with a Google alert on” that could not comment on a situation that she says Allen “knows what he knows about.”  She says that, essentially, there has been no one who has found Allen guilty of his alleged crimes, and as a result, she would not be one to condemn him.

Dunham continues to be “disgusted” by Allen and his behavior, but she says condemnation of the man simply based on his body of work makes her uncomfortable.  She adds that people who choose to do so are simply missing the point of Farrow’s letter.  For her part, Johansson indicates that she continues to have no problem working with the acclaimed, troubled director.

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