Lena Dunham: Perpetually Nude and Proud

Lena DunhamIf anyone has ever watched the favorably received HBO show Girls, they are all too familiar with actress Lena Dunham’s naked body. If they also watched last nights episode of SNL, where the hostess once again stripped down, they may know the intricacies of her body as well as she does. Her full figure makes enough guest appearances on her show to be a permanently billed member of the cast. While her voluptuous frame by no means adheres to the world’s increasingly slender standard of beauty, she flaunts her curves with admirable nonchalance. The mainstream media needs more people like her advertising that normal, or even rotund builds, are just as commonplace, let alone desirable, as questionably attained petite ones. Lena Dunham is a proud and perpetually nude hero, and desperately needed positive influence, to the perceived ordinary person.

It is not very often that the host of SNL does a sketch naked. It is even more rare for that star to be, for lack of a better word, husky. In an Adam and Eve themed parody of her hit show Girls, Dunham performed the entire scene comfortably sans clothing. Poor body image does not seem to be an issue for Lena Dunham, who frequently struts her birthday suit on television without a second thought.  The most intriguing part is her lack of turmoil over the recurring instances. She is remarkably shameless and in fact proud of her average physical endowments. She appears to possess the tragically elusive quality of loving herself, and the US is encouragingly eating it up.

With recent studies pointing fingers at social media, especially Facebook, as a leading cause of eating disorders in young and impressionable people, it seems fated that an extra curvy comedian has taken it upon herself of late to throw some healthy images in with the overwhelming abundance of bad ones. Current national statistics would certainly indicate that Dunham is a much-needed positive influence for all the woman out there feeling self-conscious about their imperfect appearances. If Lena Dunham can go full Monty on television, proudly embracing her perpetual nudity for millions to behold, then so can anyone. One no longer needs a perfect body to pull off the perfect nude scene.

Beauty is often times imprisoned within the suffocating criteria of the physical realm. Lena has essentially reminded her captivated audience that beauty comes in many non-rigid forms, including from within. Feeling, and therefore being beautiful, can be as simple as just being comfortable with one’s self; a sensation unfamiliar to so many who suffer from low self-esteem.  But as Dunham’s success continues rising, others like her will hopefully follow her lead.

Dunham’s SNL stint will undoubtedly pull even more notoriety to her show, and therefore increase the range of her positive influence.  Her bravery and lack of humility are simultaneously refreshing and crucial in a time where no one seems all that sure of themselves anymore.  Perhaps her continuing casual nudity will be a much-needed catalyst for revising the oppressive standards of beauty that pop culture so vehemently adheres to.  Whether she simply does not concern herself with what people think of her, or is deliberately trying to incite change, Lena Dunham is a proud an adorably curvy girl who likes to be nude and does not care who sees.

Opinion By Brandon Duringer


LA Times

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