Lindsay Lohan Calls Oprah a Strong Guiding Light

LohanLindsay Lohan has had her fair share of trouble, but it looks like she may be trying to get her life together, finally. Following a stint in rehab, Lohan agreed to film a documentary series with Oprah Winfrey in an effort to “get back on her feet.” In a recent appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, 27-year-old Lindsay Lohan opened up about her relationship with Oprah Winfrey, calling her “a strong guiding light and force” in her life.

This appearance marks the seventh time Lohan has appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, although DeGeneres admits she did not remember Lohan being on the show that many times. Maybe this appearance will be more memorable because Lohan actually seemed a bit more “put together” than usual, which may be due in part to the influence Oprah Winfrey has had on her.

Lohan and Oprah have been working together on a documentary series, which follows Lohan’s life after rehab. Lohan admits that the documentary series was scary and overwhelming at first, especially after just getting out of rehab for the sixth time; however, she welcomed the schedule and routine it brought back into her life and was happy to work with Oprah.

Maybe this is what has been missing from Lohan’s life for so long – guidance. Perhaps she simply needed someone to actually take her by the hand and give her some much-needed direction.

Lindsay Lohan said it was very hard getting back into her life, getting an apartment, staying sober, and having the cameras there to capture everything as it unfolded, but Oprah, whom she calls “a strong guiding light and force” in her life, helped her through it. She spoke about feeling uncomfortable with herself while she was trying to figure everything out; however, she admits the documentary was “probably one of the best things” she has ever allowed herself to do.

She talked about previous stays in rehab saying she was made to go or else face jail time, but since she was not ready for the help, it did not work. However, this last trip to rehab had been her choice. She was tired and wanted to grow up. “People go through this all the time in life,” Lohan said, and she agreed to do the documentary because she wanted it to be “something people can relate to.”

When the show was about to air, Lohan began to panic because she had not heard her name in the news for so long. The Oscar’s were airing around the same time as the documentary, which she had hoped would be a diversion that would keep the focus off her for at least a little while, but that did not happen. Her name was everywhere and as she began to hear it circulating more and more, feelings of panic took over to the point that she reached out to Oprah for guidance. Of course, Oprah was there for her, and introduced her to meditation as well as a personal trainer, both of which are a big part of Lohan’s life now and have helped her a great deal.

Even though filming for the documentary series is all wrapped up, Lohan says she and Oprah have maintained their relationship and speak almost every day. She talked about her experience working with Oprah saying she was “amazing” to her. She even called Oprah a friend and said she is someone whom she admires a great deal. Oprah’s influence on Lindsay Lohan has had quite the impact judging by the comments she made on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, so much so in fact that she calls Oprah “a strong guiding light and force” in her life.

Opinion By Donna W. Martin


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