Tesla Motors’s Car Model S Safety Is Their Primary Goal

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Tesla Motors is working on the issue to add titanium shields and aluminum deflector plates on their Model S. After two cars caught fire last year causing damage, the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) opened a safety investigation. Since Tesla Motors made an announcement that it will triple the protection on the car batteries and getting the risks down to zero, NHTSA closed it.

According to the Tesla Motors costumers, the Model S is actually very safe. Just a few months ago, a Tesla driver had a serious collision, slamming into the passenger’s right side door with 20 mph. There were four children under the age of eleven in the car. The airbags immediately deployed, as the car began to slide and rotate. After that, the driver asked if his four children were okay, and they were only with minor scratches. Everybody was feeling minor dizziness due to the airbags, but that was it. The car was severely damaged on the side, but the windows didn’t have a scratch. A normal car, according to him, would’ve been flipped and rolled over with that speed, but that’s to the low center of gravity and the car’s heaviness, the situation had a happy ending.

Another recent incident with a Model S was at a 60 mph drive, when another careless teenage driver missed the stop sign. The damage compared from his BMW to the Model S was enormous. The BMW’s entire right side was damaged, while the Model S was only scratches on the front.

Ellon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Motors also commented that the Model S is been in production for six years, and they have zero record of deaths and serious injuries. That’s a proof that the Tesla car is the safest on the road.

The winter driving with a Tesla car is also, redefined. The carmaker finds its own market to be the best for now in the Northern European countries, whose winters are very long. A costumer from Norway explained that his Model S is incredible for driving on roads that have fresh fallen snow for up to seven inches. The car performs very satisfactorily on low temperatures. It doesn’t have a problem turning on and off, and it can be heated before the ride since everything is operated through an iPhone app. No more worries about removing snow and scratching the windows! The car can be heated instantly; making sure the drive is safe and secure. The driving range is twice as greater than a normal car, which makes it very efficient for having longer trips.

Tesla’s cars are not just about safety. The Model S has so much space because there are two trunks – on the front, where originally there is an engine, and on the back, just like everybody’s car trunk. It could fit drums of a professional drummer, furniture, large objects that fit only in an SUV

It seems that Tesla Motors is pretty good at accomplishing Nikola Tesla’s dream, as their priorities are big in safety, space and using no fuel. Using an invention is not always just about what it can do, but what can someone do with it.

by Marija Makeska


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2 Responses to "Tesla Motors’s Car Model S Safety Is Their Primary Goal"

  1. Roman Tolic   March 31, 2014 at 9:53 am

    I like this article and its ending about Nikola Tesla’s dream…Elon Musk is changing the car the way Steve Jobs changed the phone. AND Musk really didn’t think Tesla would be successful and thought he would most likely fail. Then why try? Musk: “If something’s important enough you should try. Even if you — the probable outcome is failure”

    • Roman Tolic   March 31, 2014 at 9:55 am

      Elon Musk: “Well, I didn’t really think Tesla would be successful. I thought we would most likely fail. But I thought that we at least could address the false perception that people have that an electric car had to be ugly and slow and boring like a golf cart.”


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