L’Wren Scott Death Sparks Hotline Campaign Against Suicide


Following the death of Mick Jagger’s girlfriend, L’Wren Scott, the issue of mental health crises during tougher times has come under the scanner. A charity is organizing a new helpline to help people, those who are thinking about suicide and are suffering from mental distress. It seems that L’Wren Scott’s death has given rise to campaigns against suicide which should spark consciousness on this sensitive issue among people.

As Sir Mick Jagger struggles to find out the reason of suicide by his longtime partner, the fact that she was driven towards financial trauma and personal agony cannot be denied. The 49-year-old fashion designer had a well-connected business which was not going pretty well.

Media reports point out to the fact that her business was running on a loss of £3.5million due to financial meltdown, and she was not willing to take any help from others. This sort of emotional turbulence does make a person vulnerable and hence the concept of helping people through hotline can actually save a lot of people under stress.

Many a friend of the 49-year-old designer said that she was “run-down and depressed” due to financial issues. To help such people those who are facing emotional troubles, this hotline service can provide practical help, says Kenny Johnston. Kenny Johnston is the founder of CLASP, i.e., Counselling Life Advice Suicide Prevention. Not only emotional troubles, this hotline campaign against suicide, after L’Wren Scott’s death, should also address many a traumatic situations which can spark suicide attempts, faced by individuals.

He says, “From my experience with financial and other problems, it is about not wanting to appear weak.” With a firsthand experience of such a situation back in 2010, Kenny has a lot of insight regarding such desperate situation. Kenny was diagnosed with anxiety and depression 6 years back and then came under extreme financial strain. After facing such a trauma he tried to attempt suicide in 2010. He said, “I know first-hand how the pressure builds up.” It is actually pretty difficult to understand why a person tries to commit suicide and so he has decided to start this hotline service.

On the other hand, Mick Jagger is heartbroken and thinks that his late girlfriend had talent. He said, “She had great presence and her talent was much admired.” Media houses quoted the British Rockstar saying, “But being around all his kids and grandkids all the time often made her feel beyond empty. It was excruciatingly painful for her. She had wanted a family of her own so badly.”

The 70-year-old star dated the 49-year-old fashion designer for 13 years and had a loving relationship with her. The 43-year-old suicide survivor, Kenny Johnston feels that people becomes lost in the moment of desperation. He said, “We desperately need to make it easier for people to get practical advice to help them to break free.” With the backing of Royal College of Nursing, he will meet Department of Health to discuss the 121 helpline facility which will connect distressed caller to experienced nurses. The caller will get real-time advises to combat mental agony. He elaborated saying, “With the phone service the nurse would hold your hand and guide you to appropriate help.” The helpline, unlike 111 systems, will connect people immediately to skilled and medically experienced resources.

This service will not only serve individual people but will also contribute to the national economy. According to the World Health Organization reports, one suicide costs the economy £1.5million in terms of lost production. So, even though the helpline will cost £300,000, the overall savings due to the service will actually be beneficial to the economy. The 49-year-old former model, sadly, did not have this service at her disposal. Although L’Wren Scott’s death sparked several rumors, the hotline campaign against suicide does not fall in that category. If everything goes well, this service will soon be implemented.

By Sunando Basu


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