The Walking Dead: There Is No You in Us

*Contains Spoilers*

The Walking Dead There Is No U in Us
Episode 15 of The Walking Dead, the penultimate episode of season four, seems to be pointing out that there is no you in us or, for that matter, in Terminus. As was pointed out back in Inmates, all roads do, apparently, lead to Terminus. Is this a good thing? Probably not as it looks like Joe may be right in his assertion that Terminus is a lie. Not just for him and his little group of killers either.

This week’s program mercifully gave viewers a break from the heartbreaking tragedy that was last week’s show. Carol, Tyreese and baby Judith are out of the limelight. This episode follows Glenn, Tara, and their temporary group Abraham, Eugene and Rosita who along with Rick, Carl and Michonne are all following the train tracks to Terminus. So too are Joe and his redneck crew and a reluctant Daryl. Not all of these separate parties are there to find Terminus. Joe’s group, with the exception of Daryl, are looking for Rick to settle an old score.

In the meantime, the small glimpse the audience get of Rick, Carl and Michonne shows the trio bonding even more and Rick smiles for the first time in a long time. Michonne was just what the two chaps needed. She brings peace to both in her natural give and take with Carl and all three look very relaxed and happy. This is The Walking Dead though and happiness is always short lived in this world. This little band of happy folks amongst this land of the dead also proves that there is no you in us as their strength lies not in individualism but interacting as a small “family.”

Glenn continues his determined search for Maggie and Tara sticks to him like guilty glue. Abraham, Eugene and Rosita have agreed to follow Glenn for a bit longer, but only until they can find a car to get to Washington so that Eugene can “save the world.” The group separate at the tunnel where Maggie left one last message for her husband to find.

Daryl finds out just how Joe’s group operates and that lying can be fatal. Viewers already know just how deadly this rag-tag bunch really are as Rick watched one band member beat another to death over a bed in Claimed. Thus far there is no back story about how this odd group of men got together. For that matter, it isn’t clear just how Joe became the acknowledged leader. His motives for keeping Daryl alive and “under his wing” are also still cloaked in mystery.

Glenn shows just how tough and stubborn he can be when Tara gets trapped in the dark tunnel from hell and he refuses to leave her behind. Eugene, who may or may not be able to save the world, also proves how stubborn he is when he leads Rosita to the other side of the tunnel to see if Glenn and Tara actually got out.

As this is the penultimate episode, at least one group make it to Terminus before the end credits roll. A large deserted area surrounded by fences, well painted and with signs of occupation, greets the first group. As they wend their way through the quiet of Terminus, they come upon a woman who looks to be operating a huge barbecue grill. Her greeting can either be seen as friendly or ominous.

Maggie, Sacha and Bob are an off screen presence for the vast majority of the show. Glenn, Tara, Abraham, Rosita and Eugene have been following her signs to Terminus and it is fitting that it is this band who reach the place of sanctuary first. While there are a few white knuckle moments in this episode, the tunnel springs immediately to mind, it does feel like the calm before the storm.

Notable walker deaths include the high drop from the tower and Abraham stabbing the Momma zombie in the SUV door. In terms of cringeworthy, the walker dragging its cheek across the barbed wire strand wins the prize in this episode. The tunnel is reminiscent of Stephen King’s Lincoln Tunnel faced by Larry Underwood in The Stand but with zombies and a lack of ammunition.

The Walking Dead proves that there is no you in Us as everyone in the show find that they belong to their a group, whether they feel a part of it or not, and that going it alone is not an option. Viewers do learn a bit more about Eugene, Rosita and Abraham in this episode while worrying about Daryl’s temporary group membership and just what Terminus has in store for the survivors who find it.

By Michael Smith