Marge Simpson in the Flesh [Video]


Mrs. Marge Simpson has hit the spotlight once again in a new photo shoot that has eyes popping. An enthusiastic Russian team consisting of a stylist, make-up artist, and photographer transform a model into everyone’s favorite blue-bouffanted lady. The team also compiled a short video clip, Flower Marge Backstage, where viewers can watch a beautiful young girl transform into a flesh-covered Marge Simpson right before their eyes.

The photographer, Alexander Khokhlov, staged the event for his Art of Face photography series. Within the series, there are a handful of recognizable motifs and characters from pop culture, such as the Angry Birds characters he has painted, but what really sets Mrs. Simpson apart from the crowd of artistic faces on his site is the towering bouquet of spray-painted chrysanthemums which comprises her iconic hairdo. It is quite an undertaking.

In addition to Khokhlov, there were a few other major players that diligently helped bring Mrs. Marge Simpson into the flesh. Model Kate Moukina sat through an extensive face-painting sitting in order to become the beloved Fox mother of three and wife of a walking Duff can. She is said to have “blossomed” into Marge. Makeup artist Veronica Ershova and stylist Mikhail Kravchenko also coordinated their talents within the vision of the project. Ershova nailed the “Simpson-hue-of-yellow” for Marge’s smooth, shiny, and frictionless skin, and the wired birdcage placed on top of the model’s head is the perfect multistory needed to affix the ruched daisies.

A strand of candy apple red large beads are the finishing touch, and in addition to the spray-painted tower of mums,  the signature red choker cinch the image. Khokhlov aptly titled his portrait, Flower Marge.

“We love Marge, that’s why we decided to make her alive,” said Khokhlov on the I Love Body Art blog.

Critiques of the team’s result have wavered slightly between “absolutely terrifying,” “disturbing,” and “creepy.” Although Khokhlov’s artistic vision does tend to lean toward the surreal, it can still be a bit unnerving for fans to imagine Mrs. Simpson as a walking, talking, human-sized mother, to imagine her as a woman with teeth. As Khokhlov brings to life an iconic cartoon character, he displaces the viewer’s perspective of realism. Marge does not belong on this side. She exists in a different dimension. It upsets the balance to see her as a person, or on a person, rather.

With The Simpsons being one of television’s longest running programs and touted by many as one of television’s top shows, fans of the show have long developed a particular kinship with the family. They come from inside Matt Groening’s mind and are placed in a 2D world. They do not wrinkle, they do no grow, or shrink, they do not voluntarily blink, and they do not cross the threshold and sit down next to you on the couch.

Well, if any fan ever cared to see the first lady of Springfield break through the animation barrier and come to life, the video below offers an entertaining look at the transformation. Who knows if this is a start of an ongoing family project for Khokhlov. Perhaps Marge Simpson will not be the only Springfield citizen we see in the flesh.

Opinion by Stacy Feder


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