Mark Wahlberg Super Pumped for New ‘Transformers’ Movie

wahlbergMark Wahlberg seems super pumped up for the new Transformers movie coming out this year, predicting it will be the biggest hit of 2014. Wahlberg made his prediction while attending CinemaCon Monday evening. The elated thespian, hot on the heels of box office success with Lone Survivor, joked with reporters that he originally thought he was attending Paramount’s film presentations for the opening of Wahlburgers Las Vegas, a reference to a restaurant and reality television show featuring his brother, Donnie. 

From the look of the first trailer, it seems that Transformers: Age of Extinction is going to feature the typical fiery explosions, massive destruction, intense battle scenes, and quicker-than-lightning pacing that has become a staple of films directed by Michael Bay. Boasting a stellar cast that features big names like Kelsey Grammer and Stanley Tucci, it certainly appears the film will be a big hit and will no doubt have kids and fan boys lining up around the block for tickets to see the over-sized robots sock each other into oblivion on the big screen.

Many fans of the original trilogy should think twice about considering the new film a sequel or continuation of the series which featured Shia LaBeouf in the lead roll. Mark Wahlberg, super pumped up by the opportunity to be a part of Transformers mythology, stated this film will be a stand alone. For a big portion of the movie going audience, this might actually be a good thing, as LaBeouf’s slight descent into performance art madness has left a sour taste in the mouth of some movie-goers.

The original Transformers films have also caught a lot of flack from hardcore fans of the original cartoon series, who feel that Bay tends to focus too much on blowing stuff up and not enough on developing the story or the characters. Whether or not the inclusion of a veteran actor like Wahlberg will be enough to provide a healing balm for wounded franchise fans is hard to tell at this stage. One thing the film has working in its favor is the inclusion of the Dinobots, a serious fan favorite from Transformers mythology.

While Transformers: Age of Extinction may not win any Oscar nominations, it appears to offer audiences a chance to check out of the doldrums of every day life for a couple of hours and bask in the awesomeness of watching giant robots fight each other and pulverize city upon city, turning buildings into dust and ashes. Nothing screams summertime like going to the movies, paying way too much for popcorn, and watching stuff get blown up in 3D. Those who are looking for a film to stimulate intellectual conversation and debate will probably not be as thrilled as Wahlberg is about the film, but then again, that is not the movie’s target demographic. This is a simple film that is meant to entertain, nothing more. Whether or not the new Transformers film will truly live up to the hype, the fact that Mark Wahlberg is super pumped to be a part of the production seems very promising.

Opinion by Michael Cantrell

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