Lauren Graham Gives Gilmore Girls Movie Potential

Lauren GrahamGilmore Girls fans the world over will squeal in glee at this announcement. In a recent interview Parenthood star and former half of the Gilmore Girls mother-daughter, fast talking double act, Lauren Graham, has stated that she would love to revive her character of Loreli from the hit TV show. While participating in a questions and answer session to promote her book, “Someday, Someday, Maybe” she was overwhelmed with questions about the potential for a Gilmore Girls movie, and fans nearly choked on their cherry danish when Graham’s answers gave potential for the Stars Hollow community to be seen on the big screen.

Graham replied to questions with the assertion that she was equally curious about what happened to a character she felt was so special and who she would love to play again.  She qualified her curiosity by stating that she would only be interested in such a project if the standard could be good enough to meet the expectations of both the cast and the fans.

To the delight of anyone who has ever watched the show Graham also shed light on some of the inside workings of Gilmore Girls. When asked if Luke, played by actor Scott Gordon-Patterson, was a good kisser, Graham was quick to assure people of his prowess in the lip department although she did say that stage kissing always held a degree of awkwardness. On her relationship with the other cast members, namely Alexis Bledel and Melissa McCarthy (who play Rory and Suki respectively), Graham was equally enthusiastic in her praise, saying that she sees them both regularly and loves hanging out together. She claimed ignorance on the original ending that creator Amy Sherman-Palladino had written but promised to ask the writer next time they ran into each other.

The prospect of an alternative ending is one of the main attractions of a Gilmore Girls reunion in movie form, and one of the main reasons why fans were so excited at the potential that Graham gave such a venture. While the much longed for reconciliation between Loreli and Luke made for a popular and touching finale, the fate of the younger Gilmore, Rory, was not as eagerly received. Her break-up with Logan, the handsome, blonde rich boy she dated throughout her time at Yale, led to a slightly uncertain ending for the character. Many fans would fall over themselves to get a glimpse of what the future held for both Rory and her enigmatic family.

Indeed, despite the fact that Gilmore Girls filmed their last coffee fuelled chatter fest in 2007, the show has remained enduringly popular with fans. It certainly became much more successful than Graham or her fellow cast members anticipated in the beginning. Graham confesses that she was just grateful to be hired for the part and did not think the mother-daughter duo would talk themselves so quickly into the hearts of the nation.

Regardless of what happens next, those who grew up with Rory and Loreli while knocking back coffee like it was going out of fashion will be happy to hear that Graham has never given the word no as her answer to the potential for a Gilmore Girls movie.

By Rhona Scullion


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  1. Sandra Marie Dawe   August 29, 2014 at 2:41 pm

    wow i love the show and would love to see a ending for all involved, and I am 65,hope it comes to life again

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