Marlon Wayans Top 3 Spoof Films

Marlon Wayans

Marlon Wayans, along with his brothers, are widely known not just for their comedy films and TV shows, but mostly for their take on the spoof genre, which has spanned into multiple franchises throughout the years. Marlon Wayans usually collaborates with his brothers Shawn, and Keenan Ivory Wayans. Marlon Wayans new sequel for his spoof horror and super-natural comedy A Haunted House 2, will be hitting theaters April 18th 2014. Till then, lets look back at the top 3 spoof films that have made us all laugh in the past.

3.) Dance Flick ( 2009)

Marlon Wayans

Dance Flick is a spoof on the recent craze of hip hop dance films that have popped up starting back a few years with the 2004 film You Got Served and also films like the 2006 Step-Up starring Channing Tatum, which has developed into its own franchise of hip hop dance films. Dance Flick pokes fun at all the silly dramatics that are in those dance films and exaggerates them, especially with the love interest. Most notably the spoof film plays on the elaborate dance routines, where in one scene they have a new born baby break dancing in the middle of a crowd. Dance Flick was written by Marlon Wayans and his brothers.

2.) Don’t be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood (1996)

Marlon Wayans

This is Marlon Wayans first feature where he wrote and starred alongside his brother Shawn Wayans who also co-wrote the film. The film hilariously spoofs the various 90’s teen hood movies that were out at the time. From the rather long title of the film, such films as the 1993 film Menace II Society, the 1992 film South Central, also the Tupac Shakur starring 1992 film Juice, and the critically acclaimed Cuba Gooding Jr. starring 1991 film Boyz N the Hood were all the central films that were spoofed by Marlon Wayans and his brothers. Another notable mention is when Marlon Wayans and brother Shawn spoof the 1995 film Dead Presidents, where they have an elaborate drive-by scene where hilarious chaos ensues.

3.) Scary Movie (2000)

Marlon Wayans

Whaaat Zuuuuup!! Anybody who remembers watching this film back in 2000 knows exactly just what is up. Marlon Wayans once again co-wrote and starred in this film alongside his brother Shawn Wayans. The film was a huge financial success, and managed to create a franchise spanning over 5 sequels. Scary Movie took on the teen horror genre, especially the Wes Craven Scream franchise which was wildly popular at the time. The film started the career of the always funny Anna Faris who plays the sweet but dimwitted Cindy Campbell in this film and also multiple sequels. While this was not the first horror spoof to come out, it is one of the biggest hits, and also started a huge wave of other spoof films to be made by other artists. Spoofing everything from action films like the 2008 film Meet the Spartans, super hero movies like the 2008 SuperHero Movie and even environmental disaster films like the 2008 film Disaster Movie (2008 was the year of the spoof genre it seems.) Let’s hope Marlon Wayans new film is just as funny as these Top 3 spoof films.

Opinion by Miguel A. Tamayo



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