Marriage Does the Heart Good

marriageMarriage, despite the woes that normally accompany it, has proven to do a heart some good. Yes, the planning may be stressful and the first few years trying, but studies show in the end married couples have less heart problems than unmarried couples.

The study was conducted on married couples of all ages and the results were true for both men and women, regardless of the age or gender tying the knot is good for the heart. The speculations as to why this is true is not clear; some theories suggest married couples help each other eat better, support each other in their healthcare and stay on top of each other’s doctor’s appointments. The results of the study prove married couples have a five percent lower chance of heart disease than their unmarried counterparts. In the study conducted by the NYU Langone Medical Center, surveying 20,000 centers and 3.5 million people across the United States, across all ages, married couples had lower risk of heart disease. The most improvement was found in married couples under 50-years-old as they had a 12 percent lower risk than single people their same age.  This study proved regardless of previous heart conditions marriage was the common denominator for a healthy heart.

Further information on the study also suggests it is the quality of the union that is important; simply being married is not enough. If one spouse lives in one state and is separated from a spouse who lives in another, this is not conducive to good health. Marriage is only good for the heart in a loving in-tact union; a union not just on paper but a healthy emotional and physical connection.  Although the doctors in the study attribute healthy heart to marriage, it seems it should be attributed to a healthy companionship.

This study highlighted the coupling factors of a marriage that attributed to a healthy heart such as having someone there to: encourage diets, notice sleeping habits, and make healthy lifestyle choices. A partner to lie next to every night can notice if his or her partner is having trouble breathing, which could be sleep apnea leading to heart problems and then can encourage the partner to see a doctor. These factors seem to prove it is not marriage, or the certificate that is beneficial to health, but companionship. If that is the case certainly the same benefits can be said of a couple who live together but are not married. Is marriage good for the heart or is living with a partner good for the heart?

Although the study was conducted on married couples it actually suggests living with someone in a healthy relationship is good for the heart. A partner that is supportive physically, mentally and emotionally is able to encourage more walks, eating more vegetables, taking vitamins and getting proper sleep. A healthy relationship is what is good for the heart and unfortunately some marriages are not healthy. So all singles should not feel pressured to run out and get married just yet, perhaps giving stock to a healthy relationship and living with someone is a first step in heart health. If that someone turns out to be the one, then endure the stressful one year of planning a wedding, because, in the end, it decreases the risks for heart disease.

Opinion By Debra Pittman


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