Mary-Kate Olsen: Daddy Issues?

Mary-Kate Olsen: Daddy Issues?

With the news that Mary-Kate Olsen has said yes to her much older boyfriend’s marriage proposal it seems apparent that the other half of the Olsen twins may have daddy issues. Of course, Ashley herself is dating a man who is 20 years older than her so perhaps both girls have the same fixation. Both mega rich actresses and fashion designers are 27 years-old.

Younger sister Elizabeth Olsen has not been in the business as long as her two older sisters and hasn’t yet been linked with anyone romantically. Not since 2012 at least when the Silent House star was spotted getting all comfortable with Alexander Skarsgard, who was 35 years-old to her, then, 23.

The Olsen twins have been earning steady money in the acting business since 1987 when they joined the cast of Full House. The show ran through to 1995 and after a couple of “one-offs” they then moved into the short two season television show Two of a Kind. Both girls went on to make one more Olsen heavy series with Mary-Kate and Ashley in Action! from 2001 to 2002. Ashley stopped performing before Mary-Kate whose last project was in 2011 to her sister’s last project in 2009.

Even before the two talented siblings got into the fashion business they started earning some serious money moving into the producing side of the business. So it makes sense that Mary-Kate is attracted by the former French president’s half-brother and banker Olivier Sarkozy. Oliver is 44 years-old to her 27, but, sister Ashley has beaten Mary-Kate in the age difference stakes with her 47 year-old beau director Bennett Miller. So it looks like the twins may both have daddy issues.

Despite the age difference between Mary-Kate and her much older fiance, sources close to the couple say that Mary-Kate has been a great influence on her man. It seems that she has helped Sarkozy out with his two children from a prior marriage. The two kids, Julien and Margo, aged 12 and 10 respectively, are getting better attention from their dad as Olsen remembers those “special” days and events.

Mary-Kate is not the only Olivier Sarkozy fan either. A source close to the Olsen clan report that the whole family feel like the French banker is the best thing to ever happen to Mary-Kate. The two have been dating for two years and when they eventually walk down the aisle, it will be Olivier’s second marriage and Mary-Kate’s first.

Sarkozy’s first wife, Charlotte Bernard, has not said what she thinks of the age difference between the two and the possibility that Olsen will become her children’s stepmother. Mary-Kate has said that she thinks her new fiance is a good dad to his kids and since she does make the effort to help out with his two children, it may be that Bernard is not too bothered.

Mary-Kate has recently announced that she is retiring from acting. She and her sister have a combined net worth of $300 Million and their business acumen has insured that all their business ventures turn a good profit. Mary-Kate says that the success they enjoy is down to a good work ethic learned when they were kids. According to sister Ashley, they both learned about business when their parents allowed them to attend business meetings when they were younger.

Two of the Olsen sisters are involved with much older men. Mary-Kate is now engaged to Olivier Sarkozy who is 17 years her senior. Ashley is with Bennett Miller who is 20 years older. So far, Elizabeth seems to be the only Olsen who does not have daddy issues, yet. Neither Mary-Kate nor her fiance have said when the wedding will be.

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