Medical Cannabis Vs Retail Marijuana

Medical Cannabis Whether she is referred to as cannabis, marijuana, or just plain old weed, statistics show this gal to be in very high demand. With more variety than Baskin Robins and more friends than Facebook, some economists are speculating whether “The Queen of Green” is leading her royal caravan to the doorsteps of Wall Street. However, medical users may be in the way.

The world’s most famous green-eyed lady, according to many people, is still smoking in the headlines across the U.S. sparking numerous debates on who she can hang out with, and the terms and conditions of making it a legally acceptable relationship.

Medical Cannabis
Cannabis states

Just a few short years back, folks living in states who are now considering to allow the use of medical cannabis may have never dreamed of seeing its legalization in their lifetime. That dream, to some, appears to be more and more possible every day with the passing of laws in Washington State and Colorado. Even many people in Seattle and Denver who were regular users of medical cannabis did not believe it was possible to see the plant legalized for the general public.

Trevor, a medical cannabis patient, told reporters he “never bothered signing the petition to get 502 on the ballot, because he thought it was a waste of time,” adding, “when the people were petitioning at Wal-Mart and other stores as customers were entering or leaving, I thought they were crazy, that will never happen I thought, but I was definitely wrong.” Some estimates predict many states to follow in similar order, which is, medical first and then general legalization. However this topic is not without debate itself, and not just by anti-marijuana groups, but among its users and medical cannabis patients as well.

Debates carry on in the two newly legalized states as legislators continue to find ways to cut out illegal sales of the plant. Medical Cannabis Laws, according to some, are under fire by lawmakers seeking to limit possession amounts and the number of plants a patient can grow. Some suggest this could bring hardships to the patients who cannot afford to purchase it from a store at full retail price. One patient told reporters “It takes me nearly three months to grow it for myself, sometimes longer depending on the strain, and they already only allow a 60 day supply to be possessed at one time,” then adding, “this kind of rule seems to rank recreational use above the use of medical cannabis for people like me who actually need the plant, and not just want it.” Another patient commented on how the rules for medical use did not appear to be an issue until the idea of heavy government taxing came in to play.

Medical Cannabis
Cannabis factory

Other patients have cited that growing their own plants allows them to choose what type of nutrients the plant uses in the growing process. Especially those dealing with extremely delicate immune systems, suffering from diseases such as Cancer or AIDS. There are many different chemicals used by different growers to get big results or yields from their plants, and not all growers are in agreement as to what is good for human consumption. Medical cannabis patients claim for them it is about the quality of medicine, as opposed to the quantity of sales, which may be the case in the new retail industry.

Patients who live in states where medical marijuana is currently legal have expressed concerns with it being legalized for recreational use in their state after seeing what is happening in States like Washington, where many patients feel like they may be slowly losing their medical rights all together.

Time may be the only judge between the desires of medical cannabis patients and the decisions of the courts. However, millions of Americans stand by to see what happens in their states concerning marijuana, and many of them have stated what a great achievement it would be just to have it decriminalized let alone legalized, noting that people in the U.S. are still being arrested and sent to jail over small amounts marijuana considered for personal use.

Opinion by Aaron Thompson


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2 Responses to "Medical Cannabis Vs Retail Marijuana"

  1. Dunk   March 6, 2014 at 4:27 am

    @Jamay, The Marijuana plant has distinctly seperate male and female plants, it is the female plant that bears the flowering heads that are used medicinally. the male plant is of little use. So when people are referring to marijuana as a she, they are correct. it is you that is wrong in trying to superimpose your politically correct ideals, and btw a plant is a living being…..not an inanimate object, thank you.

  2. Jamay   March 5, 2014 at 12:39 pm

    I liked your article, but I object to referring to marijuana as a “she”, “this gal”… It’s wrong to refer to any kind of object as having a gender because you are objectifying that gender. Much like some people refer to their car as a “she”, they are saying that it is an object they own. Please don’t contribute to the objectification of any gender by referring to inanimate objects in this way. Spread equality, not objectification. Thanks.


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