Mick Jagger Worth $305 Million Could Have Saved L’Wren Scott?

Mick Jagger
Mick Jagger, worth $305 million, possibly could have saved famed fashion designer L’Wren Scott from financial ruin that might have led to her suicide. When celebrities have worked hard for many years to build a name, a brand, respected reputation, and a glorious lifestyle, many find it hard to start over when hit with a slump that leads to financial challenges. Keeping up appearances of success in hopes of getting back on top becomes far more laborious than the work itself. Many people define who they are and their worth as a person by what they do for a living. Celebrity designer to the stars L’Wren Scott committed suicide Monday morning allegedly due to her once successful business sinking into massive debt while legendary rock star boyfriend of 13 years Mick Jagger’s wealth continues to grow.

The news of L’Wren Scott’s death still has many in shock trying to make sense of a successful woman with vision taking her own life. It is reported that Scott called her assistant to come over Monday morning at 8:30am. When her assistant arrived, Scott’s body was discovered hanging by a scarf from a door knob in her New York apartment at 10:02am, according to CNN. The report goes on to say that the authorities reported Scott’s death as an apparent suicide.

While eyes are pointing to her long time beau Mick Jagger and his #305 million, wondering if he could have saved L’Wren Scott from ruin, what others are finding more shocking than Scott’s untimely death is the actual devastation her company LS Fashion Limited had been under for many years. L’Wren Scott, 49, with her tall, lanky model figure, strikingly beautiful features, and polished glamour fooled the world as she did not appear to be in ruin. Reported by the Washington Post, LS Fashion Limited was in debt for over $6 million. The designer owed her creditors, staff, and suppliers a reportedly $7.6 million in total. One sign that should have raised questions was Scott reportedly pulling out of London Fashion Week for alleged production delays. Many are wondering now if production delays translated meant lack of revenue to fund her show. Any designer worth their salt in the industry looks forward to showcasing their new collection in the anticipated, star-studded Fashion Week.

Scott’s eye for beauty and skill adorned many red carpets around the world by such A-List public figures as Angelina Jolie, MaDonna, Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz, Oprah Winfrey, the First Lady of the United States Michele Obama, and the list continues. Though her garments were a hit on the red carpet, magazines, and hit films, her fashions sold in stores at a price point of $1,500 weren’t as popular. Reportedly, she collaborated on an affordable line with Banana Republic in December. It is still unknown exactly how the designer wound up in financial ruin over the course of several years. However, the big question looming over the heads of many fans is how this talented woman who had been involved in a 13 year relationship with boyfriend rock star mogul Mick Jagger, reportedly worth over $305 million, did not rescue his girlfriend.

According to New York Daily News, Jagger was touring with the legendary Rolling Stones in Australia when he received the tragic news of his girlfriend’s apparent suicide. Stunned, Jagger canceled the show in Perth. Many of those close to Scott report that she was a giving woman who contributed aid to such countries as Haiti. How could a woman who was so giving feel she had nowhere to turn for love in return? Much of the public is wondering how and why Scott kept her massive debt hidden from the man she was involved with for so many years who could have given her the money to save what was so near and dear to her. Some wonder if she did ask for his help and was refused leaving her to rescue herself out of her hole. It has been alleged that the singer not only had infidelity issues in past relationships prior to Scott, but was extremely miserly with his wealth…even to those he cared about.

Loved ones are left in deep sorrow and left with unanswered questions when someone has committed suicide. Scott reportedly did not leave a note behind with any sort of explanation or goodbye. Whether L’Wren Scott went to her long time boyfriend for help or not, Jagger is possibly sitting somewhere with his $305 million wishing he could have been there for her Monday morning. Many supporters of Scott are also possibly wishing they could have conveyed to her that her worth and self-value was never based on her career and social identity. Who L’Wren Scott was as a person out glorified any red carpet, any designer collection, and most importantly…any amount of money.

Editorial by Meleika Gardner

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4 Responses to "Mick Jagger Worth $305 Million Could Have Saved L’Wren Scott?"

  1. Everywoman   March 22, 2014 at 9:59 am

    Yes, he knew. Have you not read about how he annulled his marriage, will not support his children financially? Read about his and Keith’s reptilian treatment of and stealing from others for financial gain. (IE Ry Cooder, amongst others.)

  2. Stephen Frey   March 19, 2014 at 5:14 am

    Very sad to hear of this loss.I’d heard that Mick was miserly,but I can’t help but believe he would’ve helped.I refuse to believe otherwise;or speculate.

  3. Lynn Cee   March 18, 2014 at 5:32 pm

    Reminds me of that trenchent verse from Joni Mitchell’s
    “Song For Sharon”:
    A woman I knew just drowned herself
    the well was deep and muddy
    She was just shaking off futility
    or punishing somebody …
    My friends were calling up all day yesterday
    all emotion and abstraction
    It seems we all live so close to that line
    and so far from satisfaction.

  4. fwjoy   March 18, 2014 at 3:57 pm

    This is such a sad story. Whatever the truth, at the point she reached for a scarf to hang herself, she was at the point of ultimate despair. Whether it was emotional or financial or both, it’s a tragedy. People reach out for help when you need it. It may come from whom you least suspect. RIP

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