Microsoft OneNote Might Attract More Users With New Updates

Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote
Microsoft OneNote is stretching its fingers to other areas with a new announcement. The software might attract more users after it announced it will be releasing a new set of updates. OneNote is offering its users four new updates: a version of OneNote for Macintosh, a free version of the program for Windows users, an Application Program Interface cloud that makes OneNote compatible with third-party applications and a clipping feature for Web pages. OneNote is an application that allows users to collect different forms of information such as images and documents in files, share these items with others and add notes to the items.

The Macintosh version is similar to the Microsoft version, with the well-known Office ribbon and the colorful tabs at the top of the screen. The program also allows users to easily scan notes because the program currently supports various scanner brands such as Doxie. Users who use smartpens such as Livescribe can upload their notes into OneNote since it is now integrated into Livescribe. The free version for Windows users does not contain advertisements or have a trial period. People can upload everything they create in both the Windows and Mac version to OneDrive, which allows them to open their items on other devices. Even though both versions are free, users can also purchase premium services. If people have Office 2013 or a subscription for Office 365, they can purchase certain services such as Outlook integration, SharePoint support and version history.

The Application Program Interface cloud is meant to make it easier for users to import their content into OneNote. This feature will make the program and the application a one-stop location for all of everyone’s important reminders, notes and other pieces of information. Microsoft plans on launching the application with an integration feature that lets users download applications for scanning to OneNote, submitting blog and news items from News360, Weave and Feedly, and sending notes from Livescribe, which might attract more users.

One of the new updates is a service called OneNote Clipper, which is a component that can be added on to Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox. People can use the program to save web pages to OneNote. Aside from OneNote Clipper, there are a few other additions for the program. The Office Lens application for Windows phones gives people the option to save whiteboards and documents to OneNote. People can also email their notes to OneNote by using the email address [email protected] Users can send their scanned images to OneNote with Genius Scan and scan physical notebooks with Mod Notebooks.

Microsoft OneNote might actually attract more users with their new updates. The updates were a free version for Windows, a version for Macintosh computers, a clipping feature for Web browsers and an Application Program Interface cloud. The free version of Windows does not contain advertisements and can have content uploaded to OneDrive. People can also use the Application Program Interface cloud to scan documents and send news items to different news platforms. They can also use the IFTTT (If This Then That) Channel to write and share recipes that automatically sync and create pages.

By Jordan Bonte

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