Netflix Review: Tom Segura Completely Normal

netflixNetflix has added a new comedy title to its streaming lineup, Tom Segura: Completely Normal, the latest special from the Los Angeles-based comic. The show clocks in at 46 minutes and is a must-watch for stand-up connoisseurs and casual fans alike.

Segura is well-known for his deadpan delivery and self-deprecating humor, and there is plenty of it to enjoy in his latest special that was filmed at the Goodale Theater in Minneapolis last November. From lamenting over his explosive diarrhea, to self-hating fits of shoveling bread into his “stupid, fat mouth”, to describing his experience with a doctor who was sure he was too undesirable not to be gay, comedy fans should be confident that no topic is off-limits during a Segura’s set.

Conversations are even more candid on Segura’s highly praised podcast, Your Mom’s House, that he hosts with his wife and comedienne, Christina Pazsitzky. The two discuss life as road-comics, their favorite TV shows (which range from Downton Abbey to the reality show about male prostitutes, aptly named Gigolos), and their quirky family members. They also have regular segments on the podcast, such as “brown talk”, where all things bathroom related are bantered about, and “fill her up and seal her shut”, an elimination game where listeners can determine which celebrities are more attractive via internet polls.

Segura does not hold back on the sexual details in Netflix’s Completely Normal while discussing things like his deviant internet history and the logistics of intercourse in a hotel room. Risque chatter facilitates his transition to talking about marriage, notably how people are fake when they’re dating, but only finally reveal their true, real selves to their partners once married. He then shares a hilarious anecdote about an audience member at one of his past shows who fantasized regularly about killing her husband…while that husband was sitting next to her in the crowd, happily confirming what she was saying was true. Real talk indeed.

Beyond hosting his own podcast, which was nominated for a Stitcher Award for best comedy last year, Segura regularly appears on Joe Rogan’s popular podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience. He is also loosely affiliated with Deathsquad, which is the nickname for a tight knit group of west coast comedians like Rogan, Joey Diaz, Bryan Callen, Brian Redban, and Brody Stevens. Deathsquad is also a network of comedy podcasts that formerly featured Your Mom’s House exclusively in its lineup.

netflixIf listeners think Segura is raunchy, they need to get a load of his wife, Pazsitzky. She easily keeps pace when it comes to her own particular bathroom escapades, and loves to torture Segura by detailing her fondness for Puerto Rican men. Pazsitzky’s stand up is similar, offering musings about marriage, sex, and bodily functions from a female perspective. She also has a new special that is due to be released soon.

Segura and Pazsitzky both are comics worth getting to know as both are poised to become even bigger stars in the comedy world and hopefully mainstream entertainment in the near future. You can catch them on tour throughout the US and Canada, and fans can find the exceptional special Tom Segura: Completely Normal streaming now on Netflix.

Opinion By Matt Stinson



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  1. jffbrwn   May 28, 2014 at 10:55 am

    Tom is hilarious, but that’s a bad link to to Fix.

  2. Ali Jawad   March 18, 2014 at 3:05 am

    I had to use to get this show in UK, got to say the first episode was not bad. Will follow up with comments this evening after I check a few more.


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