Mike Beckingham Debuts in ‘Subconscious’

Mike Beckingham Debuts in 'Subconscious'

Mike Beckingham debuts in Subconscious, a thriller movie due in theatres later this year. Beckingham is not just a tag-a-long to his already famous brother Simon Pegg’s premieres. Beckingham has carved out a role for himself as an actor. Always enjoying center stage as the younger sibling of Pegg and enthralled with the magic of the camera and screen, Beckingham, an open and fun-loving guy, ranks first in giving credit to his mentors.

Even as a little brother to Pegg, star of Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and Star Trek Into Darkness, Beckingham got used to hob-nobbing with the rich and famous, just as an old chum at his brother’s events. Posing for pictures with Tom Cruise and even mistakingly swiping Chris Pine’s jacket after a long party, Beckingham has made it all right with humor and grace.

Talent runs in the family with Beckingham’s father being a jazz musician and older brother Pegg (Si) leading the way in films. Not too many years have passed for the talented man of much to hone his craft and echo his own desires. After a skilled run as a professional soccer player for the Forest Green Rovers, Beckingham went on to business opportunities as a financial wizard and customer service agent.

Encountering all types of people, the future actor did not limit himself to a confined life. He could act any part required and quickly caught the attention of talent agents with his talented flair. First signing on with Paul Wareing, the doors started to open for the young Beckingham.

Refusing to be just a shadow of his older brother, he still paid homage to the accolades and life Pegg was discerning about. Admiring Pegg’s quality of being present, yet still maintaining a private life, proved to be a useful experience. Beckingham was blessed with his brother’s advice and has always looked up to him as a role model.

Mike Beckingham Debuts in SubconsciousThe ‘powers that be’ started to pay attention to the up and coming actor as he diligently worked on television concepts and ideas. He became a force not soon to be ignored, as his agents and friends rooted him on in the direction of success. The cards seem to be in Beckingham’s favor as he was introduced to Georgia Hilton. His talent was undeniable and she wrote a special part for Beckingham in her new movie Subconscious. So impressed by his audition, Hilton added a role for him in the new thriller.

Joining the cast of Subconscious has led to other opportunities and experiences. Traveling the states, the British actor has embarked in many adventures and life long memories.  An interview with Beckingham was most inspirational, complete with cyber kisses, as he displayed his concern and interaction with those that have helped him in his career. A most judicious and talented guy is making his mark as he debuts in the new film, Subconscious.

Enduring long hours was of no consequence when filming the movie off the coast of Massachusetts. Hot, cramped and long hours in a submarine vessel only seemed part of the role he was destined to play. Beckingham is ready for it all, the roles, the routine of 18 hour days and the request to do it all again.

Mike Beckingham Debuts in SubconsciousSet in WWII, the eerie truth of discovery causes all who were involved at that time to wonder. The casting is excellent featuring Tim Abell and Jay Cavanaugh. Beckingham’s role adds to the drama and is most believable. The eerie haunting of a submerged submarine from an ancient war only evokes feelings and unanswered questions many still linger on today.

Beckingham is first to thank his cohorts. Georgia Hilton took a chance, Simon gave the enhance and all others have given a second glance to the new star rising with his debut in Subconscious. Some things are meant to be, and this actor will soon prove that all things are more than just a coincidence, just as the happenings of life may take place above or below the waters of the sea and beyond our subconscious.

By: Roanne FitzGibbon

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