Modern Vaccines and the Paleo Diet

Paleo Diet

The present marvel of modern vaccines did not eliminate the premature death of people and infants, and the Paleo diet could be the solution for a healthier lifestyle. The ancestral diets were riddled with pestilence and plague. People, especially infants, died prematurely from the plagues that remained widespread during the early years of history. The miracle of vaccines should have eradicated the illnesses brought about from the pestilence of the past.

The human body thrives when the diet of ample micronutrients and the absence of manmade toxins are eradicated. Following ancestral practices can enhance the genetic capability of the human body to generate a healthy and natural condition.

Paleo researchers and dietitians continue to seek the wisdom in progress that appears to be forsaken in the modern food era. The Paleo principles crush the bacteria that from the time of birth threaten life. Whereby the Paleo is a normal diet, potentially developing small increments to bring about significant change to medical interventions.

A report from the two-year random controlled trial shows the Paleo diet is better health wise to low-fat high carbohydrate diets. This study revealed the beneficial healthy outcome of the Paleo diet tested in humans.

The Paleo diet remained heavily criticized and was rated the lowest among the 32 popular diets by the US News and World Reports. The scientific and medical literature criticized the Paelo diet and indicated that this diet was not sufficiently explored. The new tests now show the Paleo diet to be far more superior to diabetic and Mediterranean diets. The nutritional values are superior to most US diets.

The comparison of the Paleo diet to the low-fat, high carbohydrate diet for weight loss far outweighs greater improvement. Blood pressure, cholesterol levels improved vastly. The dietary characterizes improved significantly, and these variables increase in dietary protein, reduction in carbohydrate and increases in monounsaturated, and polyunsaturated fats. A significant increase in omega 3 fatty acid and a reduction in omega 6 fatty acids. These nutritional changes have numerous positive health effects and reduce the metabolic syndrome diseases such as cancer. A definite improvement in health a well-being.

The dietary advantage of both dairy and legumes in modern Paelo diets that should be regularly consumed in modern diets imitating the nutritional characteristics of our pre-agricultural, hunter-gatherer ancestors are ill-founded at first.

The difficult task to milk wild mammals in ancient times would result in humans not being able to absorb dairy products. While dairy products a relatively new introduction into the human diet and were never components of the Paleo diets. The human genes provide certain human populations to digest milk without digestive discomfort. The fermenting of dairy products reduces their lactose content, but not all fermented remain fully lactose free. Should people consume the current Paelo diet by regularly consuming a dairy product?

Lactose found in milk is not the only reason for avoiding dairy products. The calcium and other nutritional ingredients lacking in most of the US diets are one of the seven food groups (milk, whole grains, meats, fruit, vegetables, seafood, and nuts) and ranked number five as the most deficient nutrient in the US diets.

The nutrition requirement from milk is not needed by humans, and as there is no other mammal that derives a need of this from another species. The low nutritional value and indigestible problems for more than sixty-five percent of the world’s population create a range of undesirable health effects  Insulin resistance, cardiovascular disease, increased risk for breast and ovarian cancer, and rheumatoid arthritis are some of the risks associated with dairy products. The calcium content does not prevent bone fractures and impairs the zinc and iron absorption.

Milk is not a healthy liquid and good for the body, the bioactive matter present in cow’s milk are the cause of harmful health effects.

Humans were genetically designed to heat meats, fish, fresh fruit, vegetables, and nuts for optimal lifelong health benefits.

Dairy products are not recommended for everybody. A dairy free diet consisting of Kefir (made from fermented cow’s milk) has low lactose content and probably healthier to eat. Nuts consumed today did not exist during the Paleolithic times are considered toxic. While processed food, seed oils, sugar and mixed grains are problematic and rice, legumes and dairy products are acceptable foods with prevailing conditions.

Our predecessors are the creators of the current grain based, animal breeding and milking survival discoveries that cost the modern being the epidemic levels of heart disease, cancer and other illnesses.

Eating ancestrally to evade the immune inflammation producing infections of the grain based diets. Preservatives, vegetable oils, synthetic flavorings chemical processed dairy all engineered to promote infection. Paleo diets respect the fact that ancestral eating habits ultimately are healthier.

Evidence exists the fundamental shift from low-starch, high nutrient, sugarless and raw food to cooked grains, has a profound effect on the human structure. Humans are not genetically expected to consume oxidized sugar, grains, vegetable, or seeds infused with lectin.  Fully understanding the exact details of our immune system or growth with the modern techniques does not stop there.

The principal of vaccines and the protection against bacteria and viruses process is hardly appreciated. There is much more to the immunity than the antibody response. This complex theory-adapted system is one we have only started to recognize. The relationship between bacteria or virus of two different species whereby one receives food from the connection while the other is unharmed and unaffected.

Newborn babies rely on breast milk, which have a genetic anti-inflammatory to promote the rapid growth. While the inability to respond to infection and the current medical practice to progress upon induces the addition of risks thereby prompting babies to vaccines.

The proven or unproven benefit of a vaccine by increasing the antibody of an infection is weakened by the protection of the illness and the antibody formation.  The continued research remains constant while trying to understand the permanent immune answer to stop infection. The possibility of a vaccine-inducing allergy, asthma and other disorders is not ruled out. Protection on its own is insufficient.

The human body defends most effectively because of ongoing exposure. Vaccination to wipe out infectious challenge with the inherent exposure is without foundation. Vaccine compliance is a social and individual service for the greater benefit of mankind. Natural infection presents immunity and has done so since the Paleolithic times.

The idea that infectious disease is controlled by vaccine has helped to save us from dangerous diseases irrespective of radical changes in sanitation and hygiene.  The modern medical intervention began over 100 years ago, and the modern immune system keeps us alive and well and ignores the reality of the long struggle by the nanosecond old age to perfect itself into our present time being. Modern vaccines and the Paleo diet remain a challenge today.

Commentary By Laura Oneale


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