Mummified Woman Believed Dead in 2008 Had Recorded Vote in 2010

Mummified Woman Believed Dead in 2008 Had Recorded Vote in 2010

The case of the Michigan woman who did not have her body found until numerous years after her death and it had turned into a mummified state has become even stranger due to the fact that even though it is believed she died in 2008, local election records show that she voted in 2010. That is two years after when it is believed she passed away. This information was reported to the public on Monday that the late Pia Farrenkopf voted in Michigan’s gubernatorial election that year.

However, police officials have not yet officially identified the deceased woman whose body was recently discovered in an SUV which was parked inside the garage of a foreclosed home located in Pontiac, Michigan. Yet, other public outlets have stated that the dead female is indeed Farrenkopf and that she owned the house where she was found. They also state that authorities think the body is hers.

The Michigan police state that the deceased woman most likely passed away in 2008 but voting records are putting that idea into uncertainty. They show that Farrenkopf first registered to vote back in the year 2006 and also voted for the governor of Michigan in November of 2010. Yet even with this information, it is vague whether Farrenkopf was alive, or if another person used her name. County officials have also warned that there could have been some sort of administrative error.

The dead body was discovered last week when a worker for a property foreclosure management business stumbled upon it. The deceased female was located in the back seat of the automobile. The official cause of her death has yet to be determined and the death was able to stay outwardly hidden for numerous years because her bills were taken out of her bank account. When the money was gone, that was when Farrenkopf’s house fell into foreclosure.

Michigan police released the information that there was an expired license plate on the Jeep from 2008. They added that this was possibly the very last time she had ever renewed it if she did pass away that year.

Paula Logan, who lives in Carver, Massachusetts, and states she is the sister of the dead woman, has stated that she wanted the Pontiac, Michigan police to go to Farrenkopf’s home a couple of years ago but they told her they did not find anything out of the ordinary.

Logan explained that her sibling was self-employed and traveled all over the world as a business trouble-shooter. She said that she tried to reach Farrenkopf repeatedly after their mother passed away back in 2012 but that she could never get hold of her. She added that her sister would have turned age 50 this year.

The Michigan State Police along with the Pontiac local authorities are working to locate dental records which might be used to absolutely identify the body. They are also trying to find out more facts on the case. Farrenkopf, who has been believed to have been discovered dead and in a mummified state has had her death case become even stranger due to the fact that even though it is believed she died in 2008, records show she voted in 2010 election.

By Kimberly Ruble


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