Nancy Pfister Homicide Case Identifies Third Suspect

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In Aspen, Colorado, a third suspect has been identified in the death of Nancy Pfister, the first Pitkin County homicide case in almost 13 years. Kathy Carpenter, 56, is currently behind bars, awaiting trial with charges of first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit first-degree murder. Police made the arrest Friday night, near Main Street.

On Feb. 26, Carpenter alerted police to the discovery of Nancy Pfister’s body in a closet of her own home. Less than a week later, William Styler, 65, a retired anesthesiologist, and his wife Nancy were both arrested on first-degree murder charges. The couple were reported to have been renting Pfister’s apartment while she was overseas, in Australia. Her return, which she made public on her Facebook, was induced due to her tenants not paying rent or utilities. Due to the timing and sensitivity of this homicide, it is formally unclear what Carpenter’s role may have been, other than taking care of Pfister’s dog and other household labors.

According to The Aspen Times, Carpenter was employed for twenty years by Alpine Bank, but hadn’t been to work since she had reported the death of Pfister to local authorities. Anonymous patrons of the bank told the local newspaper that they were not convinced of Carpenter’s guilt. Sheriff Joe DiSalvo of Pitkin County said, it was reported by ABC News, that he was not ruling any other possible suspects out of the case. The details of the autopsy have not been made available to the public.

Pfister’s late parents are well known in the community. They were paramount in the late fifties during the foundation of Buttermilk mountain, one of four mountains in the area which have hosted ESPN’s X Games. The sheriff has made it clear that this tragedy has shocked the entire town of Aspen.

The daughter of Nancy Pfister, Juliana Pfister, has gone on record voicing her disbelief and perplexity at the taking of her mother’s life. She, too, wonders if there was not something more to this story than so far what has been told. At this point, all that is really known about the suspects is that two of them were living in the victim’s apartment, and the third suspect was involved with the upkeep of the residence. It is wholly uncertain to anyone how this situation could possibly have erupted into the murder of such an innocent person. Hopefully, it will be revealed as to why this woman’s life was taken from her.

Come early Monday morning, the Skylers will be formally charged. In the afternoon, Carpenter is also due to appear in court. Nancy Pfister is gone, and many of the reasons for her passing have been kept disclosed from the public. There are still witnesses to be interviewed and the autopsy report is yet incomplete. What remains to be uncovered is the culprit of this heinous crime. As such an utterly indefensible atrocity, one is left wondering who the hell would do such a thing. In determining the motive and felon of this crime, it seems all there is left to do for the citizens of Aspen is to wait.

By Bryan William Myers


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