New York Building Explosion Kills 2 and Leaves 17 Injured

New YorkNew York’s East Harlem was rocked Wednesday morning by the explosion of a building which so far has left at least two individuals dead and 17 more injured. Fire crews responded to the scene of the explosion which reports say was strong enough to shatter some of the glass of neighboring structures.

Up to 200 of New York’s firefighters responded to the explosion. Some witnesses have claimed that the area had been smelling of gas, and others reported that a fire which begun inside of a Piano store was later followed by the blast.

Investigators will continue to work to determine exactly what caused the crash, and whether any more were killed or injured as a result. At the moment, the New York building explosion has claimed the lives of at least two people, and up to 17 more have suffered injuries.

By Daniel Worku



NY Daily News

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