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Noah and the Biblical Flood

Noah and the Biblical Flood

The story of Noah and the flood may be the most enduring and entertaining biblical story in all of Scripture. After the story of Adam and Eve, it is easily the most popular story told to children in Sunday school. Refrigerators all across America have, at one time or another, been decorated with crayon drawings of pairs of animals boarding a boat. Naturally, atheists and non-Christians will attempt to ridicule the concept of a global flood, citing an apparent lack of a mechanism capable of producing the kind of phenomenon described in the biblical verses of Genesis 7.

Biblical teaching, according to atheist dogma, is supposed to be completely bereft of science, and perhaps even counterintuitive to scientific teaching. Unfortunately for their arguments, a little actual digging into Scripture and the history of biblical texts reveals a wealth of scientific truths. For instance, it is worth noting that the charges that the Bible gives credence to the concept of a “flat Earth” is unfounded; representing nothing more than wishful thinking on the part of critics. Isaiah said, in speaking of God, “It is He who sitteth upon the circle [Hebrew chuwg] of the Earth” (40: 22). The idea that the earth was a sphere was part of the Hebrew lexicon and worldview. The concept of a flat earth was uniformly taught by pagans and pantheists, not the followers of Jacob and Abraham’s “One God.”

Lately, some scholars and geologists are beginning to suspect that in the beginning, the earth we live on was relatively flat. Not the kind of flat where sailors fear falling off the edge, but the kind of flat seen today in the American Great Plains: Not a true mountain in sight over the entire globe. It may have been a much smaller planet then too, not yet having expanded to the size taken for granted today. Perhaps 80 percent of the current circumference. Of course, all of this is speculation and conjecture, but it has the advantage of offering answers to a lot of puzzling dilemmas which have left the scientific community scratching their collective heads, for decades.

To understand where the true mountains came from in this hypothesis, make a fist. Notice how the skin over the knuckles on the back of the hand is tight and smooth? Now, open the fist and watch as the skin on the knuckles “mountains up.” As the world grew, it gained its highest mountains by virtue of the expanding circumference of the globe itself.

The earth was shrouded in a thick, concentrated atmospheric water-vapor blanket, referred to biblically as the firmament. A dense cloud canopy which filtered out all of the harmful UV which dermatologists insist be avoided. No direct sunlight also meant no rainbows. In the Bible, once the rains had stopped and the sun was able to shine upon the face of the earth for the first time, the rainbow was given as a sign that God would never again flood the earth. In point of fact, it could not happen again; the mechanism used to create the flood was spent.

Noah and the Biblical Flood

Prior to the flood, the sunlight which did filtered through all that suspended water, had a decidedly red tint by the time it reached the planet surface. Optimum for growing plants and animals to enormous size. Yes, just like all of the other major Family groups, there were giant humans in those days, too. Why that idea is ridiculed or scoffed at seems to have more with people refusing to allow their pet theories to be proven wrong, than it does with genuine scientific inquiry. Modern scientists can be more dogmatic about their deeply religious beliefs about evolution and the like, than many Christians are about the Bible. An interesting dichotomy of fact versus faith which exists within the cognitive dissonance of many in the scientific community.

The cloud canopy also maintained an atmospheric pressure, at ground level, over three times what the world enjoys today. Which in turn allowed mammals to survive the far higher Oxygen levels they had to breathe, put out by all that giant flora. That greater atmospheric density also explains how many of the giant flying creatures discovered by archaeologists, were able to get off the ground. Today’s atmosphere is simply too thin for birds like the Argentavis, or many of the giant pterosaurs, to remain aloft in.

O2 concentrations in mammalian blood which would kill a human by Oxygen Toxicity at the current atmospheric pressure, only served to heal cuts in seconds, allowed humans to run for hours without ever tiring and shrug off diseases which are now found lethal. Before Noah’s biblical flood, and even after Adam and Eve were kicked out of the Garden of Eden, the earth was still quite the paradise.

Noah and the Biblical Flood

Naturally, mankind would have been much longer lived in those days. The Bible says Noah himself was 600 years old at the time of the flood. It also stands to reason that those people were smarter than modern humans today, given seven or eight times as many years to accumulate wisdom. No, that doesn’t mean people had ESP or Telekinesis, they simply didn’t suffer the ravages of Alzheimer’s or many of the other age-related maladies which plague mankind today. The human being, prior to the flood, was just approaching middle age after their 400th birthday.

The ancient world is filled with engineering feats, fantastic stories and unsolved mysteries which have led modern people to theorize that “ancient aliens” built “chariots” of the gods. That entire concept is predicated on the assumption that humans today are smarter than they ever have been before. Or, conversely, that human beings of 15 or 20,000 years ago were necessarily less sophisticated in their thoughts and communication. Neither theory holds any water except in the minds of fiction writers, Hollywood movie producers researchers too dogmatic to think outside the box.

Which isn’t to say that everyone living was a philosophical/intellectual giant, given to peacefully contemplating the meaning of life and the square root of Pi. There were bad and barbaric men, even then. Man’s ancient ancestors were just faster on the uptake, had better memory retrieval and were perhaps more… Aware. Better able to grasp concepts on the first run-through, and focus with amazing clarity. However, no matter how smart or focused a person is, if they don’t know something, they don’t know something. Information must be gathered and accumulated; wisdom must be learned. For instance, Leonardo DaVinci could not have invented the Smart-Phone in his day, because all the attendant technology hadn’t even been dreamed of.

A great pine forest known as the Tiger covered the northern half of the world, back then. Its woody descendants still hold sway on the Earth’s northern continents; a pale reflection of their original, globe-spanning glory. The Tiger was so deeply rooted that it survived both Noah’s biblical catastrophic flood and the miles-thick glaciers of the subsequent ice age.

Two very terrible things seem to have happened to those ancient ancestors and their idyllic earth, almost simultaneously. First, the cloud canopy fell, raining a deluge down on the earth for well over a month straight, and then the world began violently expanding to near its current circumference; separating the continents in a still ongoing, undersea rending. Life, as every creature on the planet once knew it, changed forever. The relatively flat, UV free, highly oxygenated, warmed from within living space which humans lived on, for a brief time, was a totally submerged water world.

The continents, as they are now understood, thrust themselves out of the water creating a very wet “dry land.” the Earth’s oldest fossils are all found buried in the sediment of mountaintops, not on the newly made floors of the oceans. The earth may even continue to expand today, but a vastly reduced rate.

Then, as if to add insult to injury, the earth entered the Ice Age. Not all at once, but far quicker than many believe. The total water volume of the oceans is so great that it takes 800 years for atmospheric temperatures to translate fully into oceanic temperatures. All that new water which fell during Noah’s biblical flood was cold, and it sent the earth’s surface temperatures spiraling. In a matter of years, giant sheets of ice were carving U-shaped valleys into the newly formed mountain ranges, pushing through sediments and uprooting boulders larger than a house.

According to the biblical story of Noah, a very small group of mankind’s ancient ancestors survived that flood, baring with them the very young, or the eggs, of every kind of creature known. Of course, atheists and anti-Christians require that every pair of animals on the Ark must have been full-grown adults. That idea allows them to argue ideas like fodder, available area and what to do with all the waste. If they themselves are not smart enough to see the advantages of bringing the young and the unhatched, then Noah and God must not have been, either.

Every culture known, from the Native Americans to the Mesopotamians, has a variation on that story. So it is not as if Noah’s biblical flood can be called the simple fantastic ramblings of desert nomads.

It is worth noting that “kind” does not mean “breed.” Every dog on the planet, from a Toy Poodle to a Pyrenees, is a Wolf with a little genetic drift tossed in. Same Species, different look. Healthy root-stock is all Noah and his family needed to bring. The very young or unhatched are far more docile, take up far less space and require much less discipline, too.

Those were all creatures of the Super variety, just as the human ancestors were; they still carried all of the higher capacity metabolisms and longevity inherent to their previous existence. Which was a major stoke of luck for them, because the new world was a far harsher environment to survive in: Mountainous, wind-swept, stormy and getting cold fast. Not to mention the new phenomena of UV, and its unheard of effects on everything, from migration patterns to skin tone.

A clean printed page, run through an older copy machine, will result in minor flaws, small dots or cracks in the print of the copied page. If that copy is run through the machine, the result would be a slightly more degraded copy. Repeat that process a dozen times, and the flaws will become exaggerated and more evident with each generation.

That is what quickly began to happen to humanity after the Sun came out; slight but cumulative genetic decay. Reducing intellects, life spans and healing factors with each subsequent generation. Eventually, those original survivors – some of them having been rather young to begin with – with their far longer lifespans and far greater intellects, probably came to be seen as gods.

There are still recessive genes in the DNA strand expressing odd things like healthy Gigantism, 6 fingered hands, double rows of teeth, red hair, left-handedness and genius. Humans retain some of those traits still today, and they express very occasionally. Not Evolution whatsoever, merely genetic drift of specific traits within isolated groups of the species. The epicanthic folds of native Alaskans, the higher melanin content of Afrikaners, the almond-shaped eyes of Asians; all the results of traits compounded within isolated populations.

Some of the people stayed near where Noah had landed, built cities and towers, retained much of their history and rebuilt civilization. Still others spread out, curious to see this strange new world. The ice, ever-growing from the north, challenged Man in ways he had never imagined. The new rules were “adapt or die,” and mankind has always been good at adapting. The Ice Age trapped much of the water which now makes the oceans so deep, exposing land which is now called the Continental Shelves. Which means that despite the lands to the north buried under the ice sheets being unavailable, there were still millions of acres available for mankind to spread out on, across the world. Not to mention the hundreds of current sea-mounts, which would have been island chains for intrepid explorers to hopscotch across.

There is ample scientific and historic data supporting the idea of Noah and the Biblical flood. Names and details may have shifted and changed in the retelling by subsequent civilizations, but the story itself seems to be part of humanity’s racial memory.

By Ben Gaul


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