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The Oculus Rift has been making waves lately given its new friends at Facebook. The virtual reality device has been receiving all sorts of attention, both positive and negative since the purchase went down last week. While the device has been at the forefront of virtual reality gaming, it is not the only device capable of rendering a virtual reality world. Sony recently unveiled its Morpheus headset designed for use with the Playstation 4 and other Sony products. The Morpheus does look very intriguing, however, since it is limited to use on one console, not everyone is truly on board with it (although, given the Playstation 4’s high sales, most people can get on board if they want to). It seemed likely that the two would be competing for the domination of virtual reality gaming, however, it appears that the Oculus Rift and the Morpheus headset are going to encounter a new challenger in the Totem headset designed by Canada’s True Player Gear, effectively turning the virtual reality war into a three-way battle.

While True Player Gear has not exactly been in the spotlight of gaming news, they came forward on social media with a statement showing their sentiments regarding the Oculus Rift purchase, and the slightest dig at their competitors new friends. Having a fresh new face in the virtual reality wars is great, but the folks at True Player Gear have made things even better by releasing all the specs and stating that there will be Kickstarter program available in the summer. To put the cherry on top, they have also said that they expect to release their device by the end of the year, and with fingers crossed, during the holiday season.

A new device to challenge the Oculus Rift does not simply appear out of thin air. Allegedly the Totem project has been in the works for close to nine years, and has gone through five prototypes. What is most interesting to note is the Xbox support for the device. Xbox One and Xbox 360 are both compatible with the Totem, so fans of those consoles may have a virtual reality device to match the Morpheus headset.

True Player Gear’s announcement has taken the gaming community’s attention by storm. Following them on social media indicates an incredibly positive response from the gaming community, and this is like due in no small part to Facebook’s purchase of the Oculus Rift. Virtual reality gaming’s golden boy sold out, and suddenly a new device arrives on stage to heal the emotional scarring from what is largely considered a betrayal on part of the Oculus Rift. Although the Totem appears to be the new favorite in town, some may still be reluctant to support the devices Kickstarter, considering the fresh bruises from Facebook’s purchase of the Oculus Rift. However, if anyone were to make a large purchase of the Totem headset, it would be Xbox, without a doubt. Xbox has yet to deliver a response to Sony’s Morpheus headset, and players know better than anyone else that when one gaming company does something innovative, the others will certainly follow, as the gaming community witness during the days of motion control to keep up with the Wii. Regardless of their intent, True Player Gear’s new device will surely provide ample competition to challenge both the Morpheus and the Oculus Rift for virtual reality domination.

Opinion by Michael Foster

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