Oil Pulling the Miracle Habit?

Oil Pulling

A new health remedy known as oil pulling has come back into the light and everyone is raving about it. Oil pulling is reportedly a miracle habit that can cure many discomforts of the body and can even, according to many, cure some diseases. Though this new habit is something that everyone is trying it is actually a remedy that is much, much older than many of those who are trying it.

 Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic technique described over 5000 years ago. It is not an overnight miracle cure, but it is said to possess the ability to provide “oil pullers” with healthy, long-term living without much hassle.

 The process of oil pulling is simple. One puts in a teaspoonful of natural oil (coconut oil being the most popular oil of choice) and swishes it around in the mouth for a recommended 20 minutes, once per day. There are no extra costs, no time-consuming therapy methods, and no painful applications. However, there are claimed to be thousands of success stories from people who are finding that oil pulling is, in fact, a miracle habit.

 So why is oil pulling becoming so popular? According to oilpulling.com, which is a site that was created in 2004, there are many things that can be cured simply by swishing oil in your mouth every day. As oilpulling.com continues to deliver information about the therapy process they have reported that therapy users are seeing healing of conditions such as gum disease, tooth-aches, head-aches, acne, Eczema, ulcers and other diseases. In fact, oil pulling is supposed to help a person’s body heal, as well, giving them great looking teeth, skin, nails, and more. Oil pulling is said to also help your body: heal cuts faster, whiten your teeth for a brighter smile, and even help you digestive system regulate better.  Though how can a simple, natural food additive be the answer to better health when it is also said to be a helper of obesity?

Well according to Dr. F. Karach, M.D. who first presented the idea, cold-pressed oils (that have not been used to cook or fry foods and have not been altered in any way) naturally attract bacteria and toxins. A person is directed to swish the oil and spit it out, and  those bacteria and toxins will supposedly leave that person’s body.  Another promoter of oil pulling is Deepak Chopra, who wrote about the process in 2001 in his book Perfect Health. He states that the through the tongue, the body can be purified and healed. Though his explanation of the process is much lengthier than that, according to Chopra, by swishing oil in the mouth a person can actually make their body healthier and stronger.

 Many success stories show that oil pulling is a miracle habit, though it is just that, according to scientists. Oil pulling is a habit that has to be done day after day to achieve long-term results, though some studies do suggest that improvements can be seen after as little as two weeks. For the best results many researchers suggest using sesame seed oil. Many researchers also warn against using coconut oil, even though many favor it, because of high levels of MCT (medium-chain triglyceride).

 According to studies the best time for completing oil pulling is said to be in the morning, after waking and right before teeth brushing. The method requires one teaspoonful a day for at least 20 minutes. It is suggested that “oil pullers” rinse their mouths or brush their teeth afterwards.

It remains to be seen whether oil pulling really is a miracle habit that can help cure skin defects, stomach diseases, and other diseases. At this point it seems that all anyone can do is try it and find out.

By Crystal Boulware

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