Piers Morgan Swan Song Not Soon Enough

Piers Morgan Swan Song Not Soon Enough

Piers Morgan Swan Song Not Soon Enough
CNN has never explained just what the American public did that was so horrible that it decided to inflict Piers Morgan on them, it took the transplanted Englishman over three years to finally sing his swan song, and it was not soon enough. The brash Brit has been a loud mouthed opponent to American’s rights to bear arms. His opinion, based on the rules of his own country, is that citizens do not have the right to protect themselves.

Before those “anti NRA” zealots go off, it should be pointed out to those that want to disarm America, that in the United Kingdom, the average citizen is not allowed to protect themselves. Period. It is a rare instance where an Englishman can legally protect his castle. If he, or she, defend themselves too vigorously, they can find themselves in court and eventually in jail.

Example, in 2010, model, musician/singer and celebrity Myleene Klass got a severe telling off by police for brandishing a kitchen knife threateningly at a par of intruders who were breaking into a shed in her backyard. The singer was alone in her own kitchen while her two year-old daughter was having a nap upstairs. She grabbed the knife, waved it at the men, from inside her house and shouted that she was going to call the police.

When she did call them and they arrived, the first thing they did was tell her off for carrying an “illegal weapon” in her own home. This premise that citizens should not defend themselves obviously does not just apply to guns, as is witnessed here, but it does indeed apply to using firearms in self defense.

Piers Morgan knows about this case and the below mentioned miscarriage of justice. His swan song, which was not soon enough, in which he again pleaded for gun control, is as annoying as it is disrespectful. His own “home” country is not without its own sin when dealing with gun control and turning a blind eye when someone legally registered to own a shotgun goes on a rampage and kills villagers.

In August 1999, 55 year-old Norfolk, England farmer Tony Martin shot a burglar dead in his home. The man was convicted of murder, which was later reduced down to manslaughter, and he spent three years in prison. This man, whose home had been invaded, was denied parole and had to serve his whole prison term. The same individual has been “hidden” since his release as friends and family of the burglar have put a price on his head.

Martin told the court that he’d been burgled no less than ten times and that he’d lost around $10,000 worth of furniture and on the night he shot the burglar, two men had broken into his home. The conviction was based on the fact that it appeared that Martin had “lain in wait” for the two before he shot him.

The United Kingdom has very strict gun laws and as mentioned above, these laws do not stop people from killing other people with guns. In 2010, the same year that Myleene Klass was told off for waving an illegal weapon at intruders, a cab driver from Cumbria, Wales used his two registered weapons to kill 13 people in his village. The man went on his killing spree after an issue of a rival cab driver “stealing” fares from him. Derrick Bird, started with his twin brother and ended the slaughter by killing himself.

Piers Morgan, should know better. His low ranking CNN television celebrity talk show is not a good platform to plead for changes to the law of a country that he is not a part of. As xenophobic as that may sound, it should be pointed out that this journalist spent over 31 years in the United Kingdom, and despite disagreeing with the laws governing firearms never addressed the issue publicly or attempted to politically get involved with changing the current laws.

It should also be pointed out that these three incidents, are not the only cases where either firearms or “illegal weapons” were used in self defense or to kill other people. England is not without a certain amount of blood on their own governmental hands. For the sake of expediency, other events have been left out, but Morgan must know about them. However, in his guise of the all knowing “civilised” Englishman abroad, he has glossed over these events so that he can help control brutish Americans and their guns.

Granted, Morgan is a celebrity of sorts and he probably feels this gives him certain rights in the area of touting changes to a country’s laws where he himself is not a citizen. Mercifully, Piers has finally sung his swan song, although no where near soon enough, and while CNN have decided to keep him on, notwithstanding his abysmal talk show rankings, he will be allowed to hold more interviews, just not on a weekly basis. One can only hope that in whatever context these future shows are set, Morgan will not be allowed to waffle on about something he really knows nothing about.

By Michael Smith




Los Angeles


Mail Online

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  2. you’ll need to leave that man alone he’s gone get over it you have the right to the pinion grow up

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