Possible Presidential Candidates for the Republican Party

republican partyThe Republicans might have a chance to make waves in the next presidential election. After eight years under Democrat control, there will be opportunity for a party change in the White House, particularly since the Republican nominee will not have to run against an incumbent in the next election. There are several possible candidates for the Republican Party presidential nomination.

Although President Obama will no longer be running, plenty of things have happened during his time in the Oval Office that Republicans can use to their advantage. While the Affordable Care Act is still up and running, it has had its issues and is certainly unpopular in some circles. Then there are the problems still going on in Syria and Crimea. The Republican Party seems like it can build momentum in the midterm elections, through to the presidential election.

Nevertheless, there are problems. For one thing, the Republican Party seems less unified than the Democrats. Some voters are traditional “values voters” and some are more interested in limiting the size of the federal government. Overall, the economy might still be the biggest issue, but really many of the issues are interconnected. For example, the economy is affected by foreign policy and monetary policy.

There are a range of possible presidential candidates for the Republican Party. Of course, this analysis is mostly speculation for the time being. Much more will be known as the elections get closer.

Ted Cruz might be one of the presidential candidates for the Republican Party. Cruz seems to be in the mold of a traditional conservative. He sponsored a bill that would have stopped funding to the Affordable Care Act. However, this bill did not pass the Senate. He also voted for a bill that would have required a fence be built along part of the border with Mexico. This bill also failed to get through the Senate.

Rand Paul might be the biggest rival of Cruz at the moment. Paul is also heavily conservative in some ways, but he leans more towards the libertarian end of the spectrum. For the most part, he is more moderate than his father, Ron Paul. Although he tends to be for a smaller government, voters might find him to be slightly less extreme. For this reason, Paul stands a better chance of being elected than his father did.

According to his Senate website, Paul is in favor of reforming the tax code, as well as placing term limits on congressmen. He also claims to support the building of a fence for the border. Paul seems to somewhere in between conservative and libertarian. Although this could turn some voters off, it could also help him reach out to various groups under the Republican umbrella.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie might also be a candidate in 2016. Of course, Christie will have some issues to overcome if he decides to run. He has been associated with a scandal involving intentionally closing lanes on the George Washington Bridge in his state of New Jersey. Still, this might not stop him from running in 2016.

The Republican Party has several possible candidates for the 2016 presidential nomination. While there is potential for a lot of success in both the midterm and presidential elections, any Republican candidates will have their work cut out for them. Balancing the various priorities of Republican voters could be an uphill battle.

Opinion By Zach Kirkman

Washington Post

New York Times



2 Responses to "Possible Presidential Candidates for the Republican Party"

  1. Dave   March 31, 2014 at 3:33 am

    Politifact shows Ted Cruz tells the truth about 1% of the time.
    Rand Paul likes to start things…. seldom follows up on them.
    I don’t think the tax payers can handle the grocery bill for Christie.

    all are a bunch of losers

  2. E. Ambrus   March 30, 2014 at 11:44 pm

    Does Kirkman, or this site know that Ted Cruz was born in Canada?


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