Runaway Emu has Been Returned Home

runaway emuLucy, a male runaway emu has been returned home to his Cassidy farm on Nanaimo River Road after romping about the City of Nanaimo for days. The silly bird escaped through an unlatched door in his pen and was missing since March 17th. Apparently he wanted to participate in the St. Patrick’s day festivities. Perhaps Lucy wanted to find his way to Fibber Magees for a green beer and a jig. In reality, he was spotted near Nanaimo Regional General Hospital, Vancouver Island University, the Colliery Dams Park and apparently someone claimed to hear him near Rutherford Rd.

According to a local newspaper, Nanaimo Daily News, Lucy enlisted several hundred Twitter followers with the handle @Lucyontheloose. Since the account was created by someone unknown to the owner, it was followed more than 800 times. Tim Genner, Lucy’s dad, does not follow twitter and had no idea how many people were interested in the bird. Thanks to #EmuWatch2014, Lucy was captured near VIU and returned home. Now #EmuNoLongerOnTheLoose is trending. Here is one Twitter follower, Maggie Murphy’s tongue in cheek tweet. “Welcome home Did you enjoy ? Are they renaming to NanEmu to celebrate?

It is not too surprising that Lucy garnered that much attention, after all one does not see a flightless emu wandering down the street every day. He likely will remain quite a famous fixture in the City for some time. Perhaps he will have visitors to his home in Cassidy. The twitter feed for Lucy is lit up with messages sad to see the adventure is over. Whoever runs the twitter account also set up a reward. “Thanks everyone for getting me home safe. As a present to you from me log onto and enter Lucyontheloose for 100pts.” Lucy was even featured in one of Vancouver’s larger newspapers, The Vancouver Sun. The article said that he was two meters tall, 70 kg and likely to seek human company.

Lucy the runaway emu has been returned home. According to a local newspaper, The Nanaimo News Bulletin, Lucy was raised from an egg and watched T.V. with her father regularly. They primarily watched Seinfeld episodes; and apparently, Lucy escaped previously. He didn’t get too far but was rescued by a nice older lady who called Genner at 10 o’clock at night and asked if he’d lost an emu. He said, yes in fact he had, and she told him Lucy was watching TV through her window.

It is possible the runaway emu Lucy-named long before his owner knew his gender-sought human company when he wandered into the campus of Vancouver Island University. A good Samaritan corralled the bird and got in touch with Tim Genner. When Tim arrived, using his handling skills, he grabbed the emu firmly by the wing and “wing-walked” him to a truck where they threw a blanket over his head and popped him in the back. Lucy the runaway emu has been returned home and is now relating her story of the world beyond her two acre plot of land to all the other birds living there.

Commentary by: Nicole Drawc


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