Statue of Liberty Could Be Taken by the Rising Sea in Climate Change

Statue of Liberty Could Be Taken by The Rising Sea in Climate Change

The Statue of Liberty is just one of numerous cultural monuments all over the world that researchers fear will be taken by the rising sea as the climate continues to change. In a new research study written by Ben Marzeion from a university in Austria and Anders Levermann, from a climate study research group in Germany stated that nearly 140 out of 700 different locations which are on the United Nations list of sites could be adversely affected in the long-term by rising waters from the world’s oceans.

Marzeion stated in a news releases that the physical changes that are creating the worldwide rise of the oceans are slow, but they are going to continue for an extremely long time. That will also cause an impact on the various cultures of the world.

The study report, which was printed up in the journal Environmental Research Letters, was determined after the scientists calculated the rise in the level of sea water most likely to occur with every degree of global warming that happens. The information was then linked to areas of the world where certain heritage locations exist.

The researchers determined the integrity of the various beloved monuments will be at a higher risk as the centuries come to pass. Levermann and Marzeion and Levermann claim in their study that even though the Earth’s general population is focused mostly on the agricultural and ecological effects of global warming, it needs to begin thinking about how people will save the worlds culture heritage a main priority.

From the information they examined, if the typical temperature of Earth was to go up by only one degree Celsius, then just under 45 of the 700 total sites would be directly threatened by the ocean water during the upcoming 2000 years. If the temperature raises by three degrees, then at least a fifth of the entire cultural heritage regions would be in impending danger.

Marzeion explained the fact that storms and high tides might be already affecting the sites much earlier had not been considered. The areas of threatened sites include places in Italy, Belgium, Turkey, Russia, China and India.

Levermann declared that if huge ice masses were melting and the water was spread throughout the Earth’s oceans, such actions would also impact the whole world’s gravitational field. Sea levels will go up in different amounts among the regions. The investigation found just how grave the long term impressions will be for every different heritage if global warming is not alleviated.

The research report stated that global average temperatures have already went up by almost one degree, when equated to pre-industrial amounts. If greenhouse gases were to continue to go up as they have been, that could lead to climate change of the Earth heating up to five degrees by the ending of this century.

It is feared that many who live near the ocean will have to ultimately leave their homes in the long-term. This means that the majority of what is considered heritage may be gone sooner rather than later if the heating trend is not halted. If such an ocean level was to happen at the present time, there would be over 600 million human beings that would be affected and have to find new places to live.

The Statue of Liberty is just one of numerous cultural monuments all over the world that researchers fear will be taken by the rising sea as the climate continues to change.

By Kimberly Ruble


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3 Responses to "Statue of Liberty Could Be Taken by the Rising Sea in Climate Change"

  1. 1q2w3e4r5t   February 26, 2015 at 12:00 pm

    What makes you think “Global Warming” can be reversed? If the Polar ice caps and mountain glaciers are really melting, I seriously doubt that a few PPM rise of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere has anything significant to do with it. The specific heat of air is very low while the specific heat of water is quite high. And also, the latent heat of the freeze/thaw cycle is very significant. So, if the average surface temp of the globe has really risen by about 0.8ºC the heat involved is so little as to be almost without consequence. So, what is all the noise about?

  2. mememine69   March 7, 2014 at 12:31 pm

    Since science has NEVER agreed beyond just “could be”, YOU can’t “believe” it WILL be a climate crisis for billions of innocent children. Or are your CO2 death threats to your own children what it takes to make them turn the lights out more often and stay environ MENTALLY “aware”.
    Find us one single IPCC warning that says “inevitable” or “proven” like they agree evolution, comet hits and smoking causing cancer are.
    If science can’t be certain, YOU can’t “believe”. Now who’s the neocon scaring our kids?

  3. Patrick   March 7, 2014 at 5:30 am

    Is Washington DC as vulnerable as the rest of us the USA Inc.?


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