Taylor Swift Top Money Earner Keeps Her Clothes On

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift reportedly tops Billboard’s list of money makers in the music industry. In a world where scantily dressed female singers compete with one another to see who can undress provocatively, expose the most, and twerk the hardest on stage, it was surprising to many that the wholesome, conservative country pop star takes home the biggest…tips. With her lyrics describing innocent love and heart-break, many would think Billboard’s top money earners would be the other pop divas who sing graphically about lust and oral sex.

The Red songstress encountered an unfortunate scene back in 2009 that turned into the most fortunate mishap of her career. Prior to Kanye West jumping on the MTV Music Award stage to snatch the glory away from young Taylor Swift as she was accepting her moon man statue for best female music video, no one other than young teenagers knew who Swift was. As an alleged intoxicated Kanye West pointed out to the millions of viewers on this infamous night that Beyonce deserved the award over Taylor Swift, America opened their hearts to Swift and allowed her in. Though Kanye West demonstrated he did not believe Taylor Swift could match Beyonce’s talent, many still argue that Taylor Swift owes Kanye West for the level of success she has attained in her career.

To Taylor Swift the VMA’s back in 2009 is possibly just a distant bad dream that she has forgotten or even deleted compared to the dream come true she lives today. According the Hollywood Reporter, Taylor Swift tops such mega super stars and legends as Bon Jovi, Justin Timberlake, Pink, and Beyonce as a big check earner on Billboard’s list. Artists use Billboard’s lists to gauge and measure where they fare in the Olympic games of music. To make the top of a list in Billboard magazine is the gold medal. Taylor Swift, 24, reportedly earned $40 million in 2013 due partially to her record and digital sales of her 2012 hit album Red. CBS News reported the seven time Grammy award winner made most of her earning from her Red Tour which brought in an estimated $30 million. With 10 million digital downloads, she left many of her female pop competitors in the dust while keeping on her clothes.

Swift fans doubt very seriously if anyone will be jumping up on a stage to devalue this accomplished pop country star ever again. With documented accolades, sold out tour dates, and $40 million earned in one year, most of her fellow music artists would say she has earned her stripes. Many give her more credit for her ability to sell her music and concert tickets without showing her breasts, exposing her backside, simulating oral sex, or crooning about ejaculation. Swift’s bright red lipstick is the closest she comes to being a temptress or vixen. She can excite an arena of fans to their feet showing her skills on a piano and/or guitar instead of on a random man from the audience. Taylor Swift is one of the few pop divas for young girls to look up to who demonstrates a woman does not have to bend over to bare all to earn millions…or respect.

Editorial by Meleika Gardner

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Hollywood Reporter

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  1. fwjoy   March 12, 2014 at 5:54 pm

    I’m not a fan of Taylor Swift’s music, but I am a fan of how she has carried herself and her business. I wish some of the others that I think are more talented would follow her lead. After a while, what’s left for Miley or Beyounce to do on stage in terms of proving their sexuality?

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