‘Terminator: Genesis’ Plot Details Revealed by Arnold Schwarzenegger


Terminator: Genesis is about to begin production next month with series star Arnold Schwarzenegger ready to return to the role that made him an icon. Though Arnold Schwarzenegger could not wait to reveal some juicy details from the plot to Terminator: Genesis when speaking to MTV. The actor hinted at fans of the series can expect to see in the up-coming fifth entry into the blockbuster science fiction film franchise.

The first big plot detail that Arnold Schwarzenegger revealed about Terminator: Genesis is that the script calls for multiple versions of his T-800 Terminator including much younger-looking models. The former California Governor explained that the film obviously deals a lot with time travel so there will be a young T-800 model featured that leads to some interesting twists and turns for not just the film but the series as well. Schwarzenegger went on to explain exactly how the script handles the idea that his robotic killing machine can look thirty years older than he did when he first appeared in the original if robots do not age. Arnold said that while there is a machine underneath, on top of the metal skeleton is human flesh and just like any other flesh it ages. Maybe not as quickly as a human’s but it certainly does over time.

Terminator: Genesis is rumored to kick off a new stand-alone trilogy for the science fiction franchise. Attached to star alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger in the film are Zero Dark Thiry’s Jason Clarke as John Connor, the leader of the human resistance in the post-apocalyptic future. Emilia Clarke from Game Of Thrones is set to play the mother of the future leader, Sarah Connor, when she was living in the 1980s. The role was made famous by Linda Hamilton who appeared in the first and second Terminator films both directed by Titanic and Avatar filmmaker James Cameron. Meanwhile, Jai Courtney of A Good Day To Die Hard fame will star as Kyle Reese, the father of John Connor and a role originally played by Michael Biehn in the first Terminator film.

The Terminator film franchise was created back in 1984 by James Cameron. The original film became a surprise box office sensation and eventually led Cameron to directing the follow-up Terminator 2: Judgement Day released in 1991. The franchise sat quiet for many years until the Jonathan Mostow directed sequel Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines was released in 2003. The latest entry in the Terminator film franchise came in 2009 with the Christian Bale starring Terminator Salvation directed by McG. The film was ultimately a disappointment and failed to launch a trilogy as planned by Warner Brothers.

The Terminator: Genesis screenplay was written by Avatar and Shutter Island writer Laeta Kalorgridis as well as Patrick Lussier known for his work on the Drive Angry script. Terminator: Genesis will be directed by Thor: The Dark World’s Alan Taylor and is scheduled for release on July 1st, 2015.

With Arnold Schwarzenegger revealing some plot details about the up-coming Terminator: Genesis, eagerly anticipated fans can now only sit and wait to wonder what exactly is in store for the characters and franchise they first fell for back in 1984.

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