Kunis, Milano, Keibler: When Getting Pregnant Is Front Page News

KunisThis week has been a big one headlines wise for something quite un-front page worthy: getting pregnant. Mila Kunis, Alyssa Milano and Stacey Keibler have all announced, or rather their publicists have announced, just like all expectant mothers break the news, they are going to do what around 370,000 women around the world do every day-give birth.

Stacey who? Exactly. Wrestling fans, those who watched 2006’s Dancing with the Stars, and men who buy magazines full of half-naked women will know who she is. Everyone else might know her as George Clooney’s ex. Alyssa Milano? That name rings a bell, many will say. She was a child star in the 1980s for Who’s the boss? Fans of Charmed, Beverley Hills Chihuahua 2, and Mistresses will know who she is, too. And if anyone is stuck for who Kunis is- think Ashton Kutcher.

Well if readers still did not know who they were, they will now if they looked at any of the entertainment headlines the past couple of days. All 3 are pregnant.Yes. Hold the front page. All 3 think the world should know about it, too. And all 3 are correct about one thing: the world does indeed want to know if editor’s decisions to make the pregnancies the stuff of headlines is anything to go by.

Royal babies make headlines, that has always been the case. The announcement of Charles and Diana’s first born William had the British in hysteria for weeks. And when Buckingham Palace broke the news of William and Kate’s first born, the newspaper’s cracked open bottles of champagne in celebration as online views and print sales sent profits soaring . But interest over the birth of a royal baby is understandable. Those children, after all, grow up to be the Kings and Queens of their countries.

But with the recent pregnancies of Kunis, Milano and Keibler making front page news, the question is what will the children of Kunis, Milano and Keibler grow up to do? It will not be be ruling countries. It could be ruling the sidewalks of Beverley Hills, running up credit card bills on Rodeo Drive. Or they might grow up to be Hollywood stars or the exes of famous stars like their parents; Judy Garland, Blythe Danner and Jon Voight all had children who equaled or outshone their parent’s celebrity, winning Oscars and getting their own stars on the Hollywood walk of fame. Or they might grow up just to sell newspapers, too. Check the current fates of Michael Jackson’s, Bruce and Demi’s, and Madonna’s children, they will be on a front page somewhere right now.

But most likely, they will grow to be as ordinary as the millions of people who seem to want to read the front page news about Kunis, Milano and Keibler being pregnant. Not that there is anything wrong with being ordinary or pregnant, or both. It is just not newsworthy beyond a few phone calls to close family and friends, or an announcement on facebook. But maybe Kunis, Milano and Keibler’s decision to spread the news  is nothing more than an innocent case of sharing their happiness And just as people congratulate their friends on the phone, in person or in their news feed, they can do the same to the trio of Kunis, Milano, Kleibel. If  they have their phone number-their publicist’s that is.

Commentary by Christian Deverille


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  1. CC   March 25, 2014 at 3:14 pm

    It’s Stacy Keibler. Not Stacey Kiebel.


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